Friday, August 19, 2011

"Study as strategy" an introductory section

This short section introduces a series of sections extrapolating what I mean by study as a virtue. Perhaps this is the most personal and every day of my virtues, combined with Independence of Spirit, in that I cannot bear to take anything second hand, but must create my ideas for myself. Study is the counter to that, and true study for me means tearing ideas to their atoms and rebuilding.


Daniel Christopher June




1.      Study versus other strategies


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            The virtue of study is the inner complement to the outer virtue of directness. Direct truth is the arrow which hits the mark. And yet direct truth needs to sight the heart of the problem, and this is possible only through indirect study. You could only hit the target if you had first in practice missed it many times.

            Pragmatism, or general life competence, requires discipline, but especially focus. A man who knows how to focus can do anything, is fully competent, has no weakness. For whatever the object before him, whether it is sweeping the floor, or making love, or shooting a gun, or writing a novel, his eyes know how to focus on the object, to analyze its elements, to discover its borders and limits, to plumb its potentials. All that is required is one habit: knowing how to look at a thing. The highest education possible in any school or university is to teach a student to have the desire and the know how to continue his education on his own. The only student worthy of his diploma is the one who will study just as hard on the other side of the University walls.









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