Friday, August 12, 2011

"the resonator" a short section

A short section for a theme I have developed at length somewhere else, yet necessary to put in my section about order: it is the spirit, or the voice of man, which orders the body. Odin as archetype for human will is a centerpoint trope for me. With the next section, which is the best for the section on order, I will end it and come to the next strategy. See it tomorrow!








6. Resonator

            The inner voice imitates the spoken voice: how we speak to ourselves is the same as how we may speak to others. How useful therefore to speak to yourself in a resonating inner voice! For with such a slow, commanding, powerful voice, we are like soldiers driven by our captain: we would rather die than disappoint him. His presence of will assuages all fear, and we are able to keep our head in crisis and do the thing we are set to do.

            Mythologically, the Poet God is Odin, who discovered the Runes, who gained wisdom at every turn, whose names are “the Penetrator” and the “Resonator.” This is an allegory for the conscious will within each person's mind. To speak to yourself with such a voice, to develop the I to speak it, requires practice.









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