Tuesday, December 6, 2011

chiding the timid


You say we have a global crisis, I say we finally have a globe, something to celebrate: history is about to begin, the first millennium opening with that religious insult to mankind, only to close with global union and solidarity of the invincible human race, and this all wise minds will affirm, knowing that a strong head is a peerless weapon -- mind to mind my passion calls! Have you imagined our place is in a bad way? Have you bought the lie? Your newspapers are fiction from head to foot, and like every generation, you think the world will end. Here's a little known secret: the world never ends. Ecologically, economically, sociologically, we have faced much worse, and in the future will face worst still. But today is something to celebrate over. Life is a mirror: your own life is the microcosm of the earth. Never trust your values to another, nor boast, for the boaster lacks conviction: face the facts and realize you cannot bribe the reaper. You bought this life, and death's the price. I give to a man as he gives, I mirror others. For those in panic I give them panic, but to the certain I give joy. Give to time your practice, and practice in eternity, for eternity is a way of dancing time. So you have learned a little lesson that Debt Is Evil? It made this world nevertheless, a world more populated than ever before, the people more educated, more literate, with higher IQs than ever before, diseases vanquished, and for the man of mind, the joyful reality that we have now World Libraries -- this is a globe! – what joy! -- for the library is the diary of mankind's genius. Crack the nut and taste the meat: life's problems are merely ways to cut the boredom. So what if there is much more debt than all the money in the world? And so? So what if we can change global weather? -- a power to be celebrated! As my mother was wont to say to me as I grew up: you worry to much! I tell you that if every anxiety that twitched your gut came true, nevertheless man would survive, grow, improve, and evolve to deity, on time, never to be diminished. What a glorious time to be alive, and we the allists, what a glorious time for us to think! What thoughts we think, that were never before possible! Best to shine our creative joy and seek that guiding necessity which is the purpose of all we do. Once a man knows his necessity, all worries, all fear, all anxieties melt away -- they've served their purpose -- and life becomes much simpler and sublime. This is our place and we will master it.


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