Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Let Zizek be Anathema" a fragment of an essay

I’ve been reading dozens of books and essays by this author, and have formed an opinion of his value as a moral speaker.


3. Let Zizek be Anathema



            Of the trinity Justice, Equality, and Liberty, it is justice which is absolute and never to transgressed, which limits to the extent of each man’s liberty and the nature of his equality. Clearly material equality is not natural nor desirable, nor any other mode of equality, excepting one thing: equality under the law. The law must apply to the rich and the poor alike, and the laws are designed to prefer nobody over the other: justice, like love, is blind.

            It takes the corrupt system of Christianity to subvert this, to paint justice as horrible (it means we all deserve hell for all eternity), that freedom is impotent: we have only one freedom, to accept an undeserved gift (euphemized as an act of “grace” or “mercy”) and that we are all equally free in being equally sinners. What’s more, the beautiful, who are the natural opposites of sinners, the power, the strong, the rich, the healthy, are damnable, because their God is somehow insulted by an autonomous man. “Woe to those who laugh, for they are going to hell” says Jesus.

            His Marxism got taken over by the literal Marx, who also wants equality. What it amounts to is rather than the wretched being exceptional, we should all be equally wretched. This is called communism, and in the states of the Soviet Union and Red China, we have seen what it means when put into practice.

            Therefore, we must not be deceived by the clownish antics and buffoonery of Zizek in his many witty books, in which he introduces zero original theoretical content, but takes on the works of Lacan (and Freud), Marx, and Hegel, colored with various examples from popular media, to put forth a case for nothing less than globalized capitalism. The problem with Hitler, Zizek thinks, is not that he halocausted millions of his own people. Its that he chose the Jews instead of the capitalists.

            Zizek is a moral monster. “Man is shit” is his humanism, a metaphor he makes explicit as chapters of his book. We laugh because we can hardly believe our ears or eyes. “Sexual relationships are always failures,” he says. And he exposes his true colors when he characterizes himself as a “militant egalitarian.” What does that mean? It means that if you are in anyway better off than others, you will be shot dead, or at least plundered and imprisoned. He never denies this is his social aim, he just says it as if it were a joke.

            Egalitarianism is an incredible burden on  the West, the very cause of our cultural stasis, the block of our flow. That we are not to simply have equal laws to protect us, and equal state support, such as schooling, but equal outcomes, enforced by morals, laws, and guns, is the ruin of the West (Europe) and the far West (America). Zizek is Nietzsche’s “last man,” and in fact calls himself so, the ugly one who hates human happiness, resents the beautiful, the rich, the well-turned out, the happy, and would spit on anything beautiful. Let the man be damned to his own vision.

            He is a “materialist Christian.” He means to say he is an atheist, there is no God, but the egalitarianism of Christianity – “We are all equally worthless [in god’s eyes]” is his central vision. “The ego is a parasite of the body” he says, the mind, your values, everything about you is disgusting and bad. Let his name henceforth be anathema.


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