Sunday, December 25, 2011

"Song of Equanimity" a poem


Song of equanimity

By Daniel Christopher June


Patience is a sin

            There’s nothing to be patient over

Forgiveness is a sin

            There’s nothing to forgive

Accept what is

            Then you will see how to improve it


Are you a victim?

            Well are you victimizable?

Are you insulted?

            Well are you insultable?


As above, so below

As within, so without.


Do not struggle for the good

            Goodness comes naturally

Do not strive for perfection

            Perfection is Easy


A little wit is endearing

            A little too much speaks bitterness

A just reproach befriends

            Moral condemnation uglifies others


Find an honest way to be grateful in every matter

            Every matter will become beautiful

Bring out the best in others

            See others in terms of their best.


Perfect subtlety is the strongest power

Gentleness from dangerous strength has grace.


If you keep your mind open

            You will have room to create.

If you keep your heart guarded

            You’ll filter out the unworthy.


To your lover be tender true

To your family be fully present

To your friends challenge and encourage

To your enemies be just and firm

To your work be competent and thorough

To your art be passionate and genuine


Let your words be simple, direct, and few

Let your home be humble, warm, and ordered


Always make time to be alone with your thoughts

Imitate others and you lose what’s best

Be yourself and you will gain more self.




Perfection is Easy

Time is now

Apotheosis welcomes

Eternity Bows



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