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"Symbol Dictionary"

For your perusal. As I've mentioned before, I used a thinking aid called "the question deck" which works a little like author such methods of augery, as in the Chinese Book of Changes and tea leaf reading. My own method involves a pack of index cards with symbols and such labeled on them. Recently I've decided to get reduce the symbols to what I call "the neutral deck" using only QWERT keyboard symbols. Each of those symbols is explained below.


Take care, Caretakers!




Symbol Dictionary


A - Z


A is for Ares; the ram faces upwards, as the year opens with the sun child of creative art. The amalgam of parts with the American melting pot reflect the inner creative space of the deltaic pyramid, which we build upwards to heaven. The letters ABC are the beginning, the first simple lessons, the basics, with XYZ the ending. A is the aye of creativity, the yes saying child, —Aum, A = aye = yes. "Ah," means I'm thinking, or I see what you mean. A mountain of growth, the fire pointing upwards, ascending to the All, the center of the sun.


B is for blueprint, the bare floor plans of the building, a house, and the breasts of mother, for mother is home. B is the loaves of bread, and the open Book, the breasts of knowledge, which man also needs to consume.  E + 3. Being. B is the second letter of the alphabet, hence 2B – "to be." B shaped lips pressed to babble: bababa!


C is for camel, the burden we carry in our sling to keep us safe and sustained, and so for the crescent moon, which it represents, which grows pregnant with its creative gestation, and moves the waters of the ocean. C is a U facing me, seeing me, and so an attraction of the pull of the moon or a magnet. The C is the right facing crescent hence, exhaustion, the El aspect of God rather than the Sophic. The crescent and star make the morning star part of the horns of the moon cow.


D is for door, which opens the house, for the delta which opens the river and the fish to the ocean. The glans of the penis, and hence, Dad, a more violent consonant then the M of mother.


E is for everyman, addressing the universe with arms outraised. The pitchfork, with its four lines, a 3 fork. EE is the sound an ape or human makes in distress (—EEK!) which pull the lips back to reveal the teeth. E is shaped like a man, akin also to the number 5, man's number, as indeed it is the 5th letter of the alphabet. Yet it is man calling for power from heaven, and so is akin, again, to 3, which it represents.


F is for flag, a club or a mace, the torch of fire.


G is for gunfire, the rock in the sling, wrapped like a snail.


H is for hedge, the fence of protection, the help of one man reaching to the other; it sets boundaries and keeps the peace.


I is for increase, the arm that reaches and creates. The I is the consciousness, the self, the axis. I is the 1 of consciousness. It represents the stake, the penis, the snake eye, the pillar. 


J for jolt, the arm that destroys, the hooked arm of temptation and destruction.  The questionable consonant, as crooked as he is quizzical. Sometimes he says Japan, sometimes he says, Jalapenos, sometimes he says "June" (pronounced yoni). The J is subtle, and therefore, is deservedly shaped like a fish-hook, or a shepherds cane—two forms of coercion.


K is for keep, the open hand of the klepto taking. "Ka" is the open spirit of wind, Kaos.


L is limb, the limb of the tree carved into the crook of the shepherd, the limb of the leg and foot upon the earth.


L as right angle is architecture and logic. As logos it is the light and it is fire. The Tao is the zero darkness of the unknown, and logos is the infinite conversion of the unknown to the known, the conversation of water to fire.


LMNO are the exact middle four letters of the alphabet, and also the letters that run together into one formation when the alphabet is sung to the tune of "twinkle twinkle little star." They are the most gustatory letters. L stands for Licking, for we bring the tongue forward to lick the L.  wanting more food. M for the mmm of eating, N for spiting out food, and O for eating more.


There is a verbal mirror in LMNO. If we take "MIRROR" and break the word down


The mi and the or make up the mine and the other. To follow this analogy with LMNO we get:

L MN O :: l mn o.


M and N are the maternal waters, the duality of "no," spitting out, and mmm taking in. Outside this division is the l of man and the o of woman. O turned sideways becomes l.


M is for mother, from the maternal waves in her sea aspect, the mountains in her earth aspect. M stands for tasting and enjoying, as when we mmmm at mother's breast, hmmm at munching food for thought! The Egyptian water god was Maat. M is shaped like spreading legs, sex and birth. Upside down, W, like the waves of the sea, water. Thus the interchangeability of Water and Mater. Both the M and the W resemble a sexual array of legs, as a woman splayed or kneeling. As the I of consciousness stand for man, the Me of personality stands for woman. ME reflected in the water is WE. Em is in Emerson, America, and Ama, whose two A's make an M: AA: "em" or "am" means both love and war, affection and hard work, work and pleasure.


N is for negation, for the snake which strikes and protects. N stands for pushing food out the mouth, when the tongue moves forward. Thus we say —no! and shake our head from side to side to avoid the food—"nah." The letter itself looks like a barring, as in a no-smoking sign.


O stands for open, the mouth's shape when pronouncing the resounding vowel of Odin: Om, and also his eye, when the cross of the earth is within it. Zero, womb, —Oh!—wonder, awe, joy. The sun, 'Om,' enlightenment. O stands for the shining of the sun, not the essence of the sun, whose center letter is the A of Aum, the A of creation.


P stands for paternal, the head of the family, both a head and a penis.


Q stands for quilt, knit from the cord of wool of the lamb, for the skein of wool which solved the questions and riddles of the labyrinth.


R is for reflection of the head in the mirror, is a head and beard, is the Pharaoh, and ultimately, Ra. The very grunt of exertion —Urrr is natural and universal, giving us arm, art, Urge, Work, Urgon, Orgy, all meaning effort, duty.


S is for smile, as between yin and yang when they come together as teeth to digest reality, and stands for the slithering body of the serpent, the snake, pluralizer at the end of nouns, thread, chain, tie, rope. Putting an S after a noun threads them all together. The tongue therefore is the thread spinner, and the teeth, the chopper of words.


T is for trace, a signature or wound, the language of presence which fully abides in writing, true soul of true soul. t is a cross. Plus sign, addition, growth. As a t square, it is akin to the L in presenting the right angle. T is the sign of torture, and also of truth: something angular, wrenching, forceful.  The T, as cross, yanks apart spirit and body, mortal and immortal, whereas the S of the yin yang comports them together.


U is for urn, the cup of a sling, the container of water and wine, for "you" as an outer container of my love.


V is for verdant, the green growing grass of springtime, of Venus, of the rivers flowing down, like the menses of Lux, the mother goddess and over soul and holy spirit. Venus, morning star, Lucifer, for the virgin bird, the vulture. V stands for writing, as in the nub of a pen, for the menses as ink, for insertion, for the check mark of affirmation. V resembles a reflecting light wave, and thus a vector. Opposite of A as in AVA. In Latin and elsewhere, V is pronounced as a W, and in Jove = Yawe.


W is for water, the waves of the moon, for the woman in position.


X is for xeno, the alien, the stranger, the letter of the unknown. X negates by exing out, X multiplies, x is a kiss, the kiss of the four gods. X brings together the four directions inwards to the center, the father, the mother, the son, and the daughter, all directions together: X seeks the inner unknown.


Y is for yew, the Yggsdrasil, the world tree, which touches the nine worlds, a hook which captures all the world. Y is a branch, tree, question (why?), 'Yes,' Peace (peace sign). Fruit Tree, the true, the female, usually guarded by a snake, the wisdom she has for not having a penis, and the fruit she gives for not having a testament. The tree of knowledge is the apple tree or maybe the coffee cherry. The peach is the fruit of life, as represented in Chinese Taoism, a fruit sacred to the Immortal Eight.


Z is for zag, the throw of the weapon, as of Zeus like lightening falling from the ziggurat. Of the same shape source as I. Z is a sideways N, which stands for negation. The overlaying of N and Z, as in the name Nietzsche, stand for destructive renewal. The A of creation is ended with the Z of destruction. The A looks up, but the Z goes down to Zed and Zero.

0 - 9


Zero is an even number. Even numbers are feminine, being in contrast to the jagged odd numbers, themselves balanced and rounded, as in the symmetry of the vulva and breasts. Odd is masculine, because it both stands for lack of balance, and thus for war and power, and also, the union of the previous even: zero is nothing everything, and 1 is the unity of all things; 2 is father and mother, 3 is the hierarchy of father overpowering mother, and mother stabilizing father (as in the 3 point pyramid); 4 stands for material body, the four corners of the earth, five stands for the union of it under a consciousness.

Zero is the beginning, allness, female sexuality, womb, cycle, eternity, ocean. Zero is everything and nothing: Multiply zero by anything and it is zero, divide anything by zero and you reach an undefined infinity. Water delights to fall into beads of zeroes, and water level is considered to have a zero altitude. Water stands for womb, ocean, change, immersion, baptism, cleansing. Zero, being the circle, it also stands for degrees. The Babylonians used zero as a cipher, place-holder. Zero is the shape of a mirror (0) which, when turned sideways on its frame, is shaped like a 1. Zero holds a place between positive and negative.


1-5 are the basic numbers, and the only numbers the mind can directly see. We can directly compute 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, directly, can see 5 at a glance. After that, the perceptual mind registers "many." "1,2,3,4,5, many" 6,7,8,9, 10 are conceptual numbers, they have no direct mystical meaning in themselves, but only as combinations of the original numbers. Try, if you can, to image a triangle. Easy. Now imagine a nonagon. Not easy. And if you imagine a pentagon or an octagon, look closely at what you are imagining: can you really see the eight of it? And of course 10 or more are beyond seeing: we have no direct experience of these numbers. Musically, the primary, octave, 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th are the universal notes.

One stands for consciousness, Unity, self, God, male sexuality, will, and triumph – "I won, I'm number one." It is the Phallus, the erect penis, it is the letter I and thus the self. Sacred to Hindus, the center of their numerotheology, as well as to Egyptian, Germanic pantheists, and Muslims. As phallus, 1 stands for the sun, the glans, which at one side is 1, and on the other side is 3, shaped like the heart tip of Eros' arrows.


10101 is binary for 21, the age of maturity, and also, when put into letters, IOIOI, the name of the three-eyed God. The three lines stand for the three male genitals, the two circles for the two lips of the vulva, and thus 5 is the number of life, man, power, male plus female. Vishnu – the penetrator God, is supposed to have a third eye, just as Odin has one eye on eternity, one eye on the earth, and one eye for studying, his spear of penetration. The glans of his penis, by which man penetrates. One is always than many; any group of men is compromised whereas the one is pure and infinite. Once is an occurrence, twice is coincidence, three is pattern.


Two is love, a couple coming together, it is the number of marriage,  of woman, who has two genitals, two lips. 10 is the binary of two, the number of the complete set. Two is both marriage and war, with marriage (moving towards a center) and strife (moving towards the outside). Two stands for society, duality, opposition, binary, love. Two is shaped like a question mark, for where there is two, things are questionable; like a snake, whose tongue is double.

The brain is double, the mirror doubles the world, stands for symmetry 2 stands for personal reflection: turning the subject into an object.

Raised to its powers,

2^1 = 2 = symmetry,

2^2 = 4 = beauty,

2^3 = 8 = grace,

2^4 = 16 = style,

2^5 = 32 = sublime,

2^6=64 = perfect,

2^7=128, Eternal, when a man's fame kicks off, and when his death nap ends and he becomes a new consciousness.

"To" is the direction towards the 2nd person.

Two divides all things, even the one. There is no one, but everything is two in one. For you cannot do much by dividing by one. The universe is 2: Force and Space.

Diagnose – to know apart

Discern – to judge to pieces

Distinguish – to pick apart

Science, schism, scissor, shit – to separate.

Diabol – throwing apart.


Men have three genitals, making the uprising pyramid, also the symbol of creative flux.

3 is hierarchy, as in the pyramid which points to heaven, or the delta, change, one source changing the other two, dynamics, power, heaven (aboveness),  logic (syllogism has 3 parts). 3 o'clock is our right hand.


Raised to its powers,

3^1=3 = hierarchy, family (two parents and child).

3^2= 9 = schema,

3^3=27 = system,

3^4=81 = worldview

3^5= 243 = World soul

The nature of 3 can be felt, coincidentally, in Beethoven's 3rd symphony, where, incidentally, the minor 3rd is finally and heroically conquered into a major 3rd. Steepled hands represent an emissary to heaven, as if the hands were conducting rods in the manner of the Greek steeple (phallus architecture) or the Egyptian Pyramid.  3 is the top of the heart, and thus the symbol of Eros' arrows, which are shaped like a heart or like a glans. Hence, 3 is 2+1, love. The E beseeches and is answered with 3, and that is Being.


Four stands for women's genitals, the two outer lips and the two inner lips, and hence, 4 invokes the inner mystery of the outer veil and the inner veil, which wears a shroud. 4 is earth, land (four directions), woman, beauty, mother, matter (3 dimensions, and time), the Chinese number for death, and the four noble truths seek annihilation. The heart (mundus) has four chambers, as the earth (mundus) has four directions. The cross, in the female insignia, also has four directions, and stands for the death of breaking apart the 1 from the 4, or consciousness from the body.

If 4 is inverted and imposed on itself, it becomes an H, the 8th letter of the alphabet, shaped like an 8. Four is forked, like the letter F. Winter is the fourth month. Four is both beauty and death, as in the ancient myths centered on the motif of —beauty marries death—Persephone and Hades. The four states of matter are solid, liquid, gas, transition, or as said in ancient times, earth, water, air, fire. 4 stands for form, and 1 for spirit.

12 = 3 times 4, so completion, a full year. 12 o'clock is directly before us.



Five is the number of man, the fifth finger is the thumb of man.


Man has four limbs and a head. The one of the head is consciousness, without which, the four limbs would be dead.

5 is the power of the hand, the pentagon, the world plus consciousness, grasp. Five is 4+3, if you add a square to a triangle and get a house shape. The beautiful world and the power to protect become the home.


Five is fight and fire.


2 (vulva) + 3 (penis and testes), = 5 marriage, home.


Five is an amulet of protection, as in the pentagram, for being powerful, it protects.


52 Mirror image, as is 25, 52 looking at each other – the age of marital bliss



Female genital stands for 0 (zero) the container, 2, the inner lips, 4 all lips, and 6 the two clitoris and her hood.


Charm, both magical and sexual, is 6. Hex means six and spell, sex means six and sexuality. 6 means magic, incompletion, mysticism, the six directions of matter, world, energy. Six o'clock is behind us, something that has our back, someone who takes us from behind.


The clock points down at 6 o'clock, and 6 is the magic of attraction – gravity, Satan's number, since she is the attraction of mass to mass.


6 stands for insects, especially ants and bees, and so stands for the group bound spell, the colonized, the dancing bee, the maker of honey, the 6 of the honeycomb, of alchemical conversions. Six is the first anxiety. We can directly see five. We cannot directly see six or more (unless they are broken into units). So an insect is 2*3, and we conceive it, we have a conception not perception, of six. In Beethoven's third symphony, he repeats a chord six times – which stands for persisting even when you know not the end of it. Since 6 is the first unseeable number, it stands for magical power, the power of language. Double six, the full clock, the full year, is equivalent to human mind.


7 is perfection (3+4, heaven plus earth), matter 6 + consciousness 1, full week.






















Mon-one, Tue-two, Wed-three, Thurs-four, Fri-five, Sat-six, Sun-seven



The seven days of the week come from the Egyptians and the seven known heavenly bodies of their time. The names of the week are Germanic: Sunday the sun, now named after Sunna, Goddess of the sun. Monday the moon, after the Moon, the God. Tuesday after Deus, or God, after Tyr, the war God. Wednesday Woden, Woden or Odin, chief of the Teutonic Gods, God of wisdom, poetry, magic, prophecy, inspiration, and war. Thursday Thor, Thunder God, consonant with Jupiter, or —great father of the Romans, and Zeus of the Greeks. Friday Frigga, Wife of Odin, consonant with Venus, goddess of love, sex, desire, and marriage. Saturday Saturn. Saturn, the greatest Titan. Sad after his mishap (hence he is saturnine). This is the Sabbath, the day of rest for the Babylonians, and later the Jews.



8 is a sideways infinity, (2 cubed), endless power. The four is a square, an eight is two squares, or two cubed. Its sign is shaped like a doubled zero. H, the 8th letter of the alphabet, and stands for boundaries, whereas 8 stands for infinity, the lack of boundaries. It is shaped like an hourglass, and hence like a woman, also like a ribbon, a thread, and as a spider who has eight legs. 8 is the first day of a new week. Eight is the figure of a snake, the creature which regenerates, as in the epic of Gilgamesh where the snake eats the fruit of life, or the snake on the tree of knowledge. Asclepius the healer used two snakes as his symbol of health and balance. 8 is the number of trees of his own semen that Enki (=Adam, =Yahweh) ate and thus self-impregnated. From the "semen tree" we have 8 of symmetry. The threading of semen is another name for spider, whose number is of course 8, and so eight again stands for thread, ribbon. 88 are butterfly wings, the wings of Psyche, and hence, the apotheosis of the human mind.


The eight stands for dharma, or law, the circle of time.


The first day of the week and the last day of last week. Day 8 and day 1. Monday. The day of age of adulthood.

88 split infinity, or double infinity, as in an infinite time before, an infinite time after; the present. Butterfly wings.



Nine means "Not."  Nine o'clock is our left hand, the direction it faces. It stands for schema. 9 is the peculiar odd number which is feminine. 9 muses, 9 sources of creativity – ultimately 9 months of pregnancy, as one of the muses was named Nona, and in the eldest of languages, NIN meant woman.


Web is matrix is MAYA is internet, is SIS#em, is, in fact schemata, the mathematical possibilities of a unit. the tic-tac-toe of the #, which makes 9 quadrants from 4 lines, is thus the first female odd number. 4 looks like 9.

So again, 9 is a negation without the baby who is born: 10, a new beginning, double digits. 10 Both hands. Full. X in roman numerals.

69 Reciprocity, as in the yin yang, inverted complementarities, mutual oral sex.


‾ - =

Tilde, accent, emphasis, wind, the flowing of air, the two hands of the goddess come together as in the hands above the steeple Van Gogh's "starry night."


! is alarm or surprise, an inverted i, or an inverted person. Exaggeration, emphasis.


Spiral, the sun, location ("at"), the womb, the alpha, the start.


# is the number sign, the 9 numbers of the keypad, for the numerical matrix of the world, hence for technology and for SIStem herself, who is the unified consciousness of technology.


The dollar sign, cash, the energy of care, mental power. $ stands for the U.S. (together the letters form the sign).


Percent, ratio, fraction, male genitals, that which breaks apart to enter, to divide the holy O.

^V< >

Caret points up, and thus stands for Father, heaven, Odin, to complement V which stands for Mother, Sophia, Holy Spirit, Oversoul. < is the left hands side, the keeper (K), maid Satan, or Luciana; > stands for son, Baldr, Christ, Hermes, the right hand side. Up is North is White is semen is mind; Down is south is black is menses is soul; left is red is Satan is sunset, is desire, is body; right East is yellow, is dawn, is spirit.


Ampersand, the connecter, "and," "together," from Latin "et."


Star, —, annotation meaning "see below" "read the fine-print." Snowflake. A rock, hence the Muslim Qiblah, the anchor point.


Parenthesis, thought bubble, container. A bow or the crescent of the moon.


Underscore, emphasis, ground, earth, being.


Addition, togetherness, combination, 2D, plane, contrast, one thing in common, tearing apart, four directions, the eye of Odin, the earth, the crucifix.

The female insignia. Thus the union of the two Mary's, the earthly – (serpent) and the heavenly | (goddess).


Dash, quick pronunciation, two names into one, marriage.


= Equality, 11, justice together, = and > sum up the purpose of all sentences: to say what is and what does, what exISts and what causes.

[ - /


Squiggle bracket, summing up, the whole category.


Bracket, square, form and formation, box, solid.


Space. Time and direction, void, ether, gap, creative place.


Line, divider, pole, spear.


Back slash, disjunction. A defense.


Forward slash, disjunction. Offense. Either / Or.


Colon, mirror, looking at something, glass.


Semicolon, wink, distortion, maya.


Ditto mark, quotation, talk, speech.


Less then. Daughter mark, Satan, Luciana, left hand sided, the one whose womb will one day contain the father and the mother.


Greater than. Son, mark, Baldr, Hermes, Christ, right hand side, increase.


Comma, pause, music, lilt, break from reality.


Salt – Mara, salt ocean, associated with bitter brine. The mind is attached to the brain, which is made of a salt ocean and gaps of synapse. Salt is electricity, the flow of electrons that we call mind.

Period, pause, stop, dot, atom, belly button. The period is the center point of the bull's-eye, which it evokes, and also the spheres.


Question, something twisted, curved, bent. Quest, direction, tension, confusion.



Perfection is Easy

Time is now

Apotheosis welcomes

Eternity Bows


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