Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Emeson's Complete Journals -- FREE

As many of you know, I take Ralph Waldo Emerson as my favorite author and spiritual advisor. If I have a son, his name will be Emerson. Many people know he write essays in the 1800s. Many do not know that he kept thousand of pages of journal writing, which was the source for his public material. Getting at those journals, which man, including literary critic Harold Bloom, consider his best writings, can be difficult. I couldn't find it on the internet. I had to pay for it. The PDFs I paid for are nevertheless in the public domain, so I am making them available to others:


Meanwhile, I am starting to regain my intellectual spiritual platform by which I write. I am amassing a wealth of ideas. Expect a new Allay soon!


Take care, Caretakers!


Daniel Christopher June







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