Monday, April 30, 2012

A note on Women

Note on Women


                The aim of being in the world is to choose a mate and to create with that one. The world, the society of people around us, gives many appearances, mostly nonsense, nonsense and madness we pretend to care about, but don't, and what really matters is finding the ones to let close to the heart.

                The centermost is utterly centermost: no God, nor gods, nor persons, nor the Universe herself can know it or touch it. And yet one person can know it and touch it, the one we choose as our twin sun, our one utter equal whom we bring into the inner of the inner. Such an act of perfect union takes eons to ascertain and prove, yet the loves of this life are the image of it, and those we draw close do in fact forever merge with our soul, if not with our innermost name.

                The essence of femininity is selection. The mind has two functions: focusing on an object and selecting between objects. Focus is the masculine, men are obsessive, men achieve genius because they obsess and are possessed. But the female principle impregnates the male mind, the spermatic muse in her beauty evokes the creative greatness of the masculine soul, for the spirit, body, and soul of woman is more beautiful than man's, and the man's more powerful than the woman's.

                The virtue of woman is in her selectivity. The operations of femininity are selection and magnification. The woman chooses some small thing, some nuance, and magnifies it. The praise of a woman makes greatness of women and men. The woman in her selection of the father makes use of his small gift to make a child; makes use of her selected house to make a home, is so sensitive and vulnerable that she knows and experiences finer realities then men are capable. Thus we say she is weak, she is humble, modest, silent, intuitive, sympathetic, caring, kind, a caretaker. Words for words and spit for spit: the beauties and strengths of all men are multidimensional, and only the fools would want the purr without the kitten. The same plus looks like a million minuses, depending on the perspective you make of it. My laziness may seem like a deplorable vice, but that same careful husbandry of energy allows me to master my creative projects. Whoever strives for equality of the sexes, of the age groups, of the races and nations, wishes to murder the beauty of inequality, of each person's unique difference.

                Woman, who is the civilizer, the inspirer and judge of manners, customs, propriety, composure, fashion, style, holds all this power by her exquisitely fine tongue of taste, her subtle selection, which cannot be forced and made to approve. And backing that selection is her incomparable love, for there is no stronger love in the universe, be it divine or be it poetical, than the mother's love of her children; and when she praises her lover she also makes him.



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