Friday, April 20, 2012

Mixed Bag

My creative phase is still going, and I'm eager to share. I just wrote a book to Mattriama. I think when it comes to God and the Divine, people get too bent on a single word or phrase or name as if it were a fetish or another name would be blasphemous. Better to accept the divine by any name, so long as it is the divine. This book celebrates how I express what's most important in life.


I posted my latest hymn on youtube. Here also are the lyrics.







by Daniel Christopher June


Mattriama love divine

From the Darkness your heart shines!

Head of sun and womb of night

Words of Wisdom give us light!


You are the language of our love

You are the phoenix rising dove

You are the Lux of language shine

You are the crux of all divine


Love, you are the tiding sea

Love, your waves wash over me

Love, you're our balanced harmony

Everyone can say

With you there is a Way

And they will find their peace in you.





These drawings are meant for a symbol book I am writing in which I explore the meanings of the English alphabet.












Here is the latest Tao verse I've translated. Only eight more and I will be finished with a solid draft!




Courage carried too far

Brings Death

Courage carried not so far

Preserves Life

Each of these

Has benefits and costs


Why does heaven disfavor some?

--A difficult question!


Heaven's way

      Doesn't strive

Yet conquers

      Doesn't Speak

Yet Communicates

      Doesn't summon

Yet draws

      It is slow and ready


Heaven's net is wide as the world

And yet nothing slips through.



Take care, Caretakers!


Daniel Christopher June



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