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German psychoanalysis verses American Psychotherapy




                Psychoanalysis is no longer practiced in the States because it fails scientific tests and acts more like a religion which requires faith and whose proofs of the faith also require faith. Yet American is superstitious enough, religious enough, irrational enough. Why do we instinctively hate psychoanalysis?

                In German psychoanalysis, Truth, or important ideas that need to be realized, are the marginal on the outside, rejected, hidden repressed, not unlike the Jews who invented the pseudoscience. In American psychotherapy, Truth is immediate, obvious, right under our nose, yet still not realized, not able to be realized, until you open your heart and mind and let your inner truth shine out. "I deserve love, kindness, and respect" is an American truth we strive to realize; "I want to rape my mother," is a German/Semitic truth.

                Thus is illustrated the American difference. Both Europe and the U.S. can agree on truths, on the bare facts, but as for the Truth, those ideas most important to life, the mind and the heart, we are poles apart.

                Freudianism explicitly aims at coming more conscious of ones suffering -- to "convert repressed suffering into everyday unhappiness," whereas American psychotherapy aims at "happiness, wholeness, creative expression, and well being" (as is clear in the works of Carl Rogers and his Human Potential Movement).

                The European model of the psyche, of everyman's psyche, is of a raped child, grown and also self-raped, filled with the bastard fetuses of prior traumas, repressed and aching to come out, or like a castle whose defenses must be "analyzed" undermined, destroyed for the man or woman to confront his "kernel trauma" and suffer life directly rather than indirectly."

                Zizek reports on this attitude and in his life embodies it. Anybody who has read Zizek knows that Zizek is shit. "Crucial in psychoanalysis is the fact that the anlysand is always, be definition, in the wrong, in the same sense that Kierkegaard said in reference to God, not that the analyst is always right, but rather than against God I am always in the wrong. The analyst must recognize the shit that is the innermost kernel of our being, our founding trauma." Personality is founded on trauma in psychoanalysis.

                Rather than a raped and self-raped castle, that must be undermined by the analyst who confronts a thoroughly delusional and self-deceived patient...a self-deceived "case,"...American psychoanalysis says the truth is like a fountain in each of us, sometimes negative, sometimes positive, but if unexpressed traps our energy as in a dungeon of solitude, so we are cut off from our fellow man. The innermost of man is a sun, is a unique light, and the "analyst" is the sympathetic one who admires and respects the person he is working with, follows that person's lead, accepts and cares for the "analysand" so that that person can teach himself how to let his own light shine.

                With Carl Rogers the self is a fountain that is healthy when it flows, when it ceases to get caught up in unexpressed turmoil.

                Terms are by no means objective, nor subjective, but they create the realities, they don't reflect them. The metaphors of psychoanalysis appealed to a sick people. The have no appeal for us. That the soul of man is centered on a "void," on "shit, trauma, a kernel of suffering, defenses, crimes, repression, incest," -- such things create the very realities they pretend to discover, realities that would otherwise not exist.

                To say a thing, anything, is easy. To say it and mean it, that cannot be faked. A man has to have the right to say something, must know he has the power to say it. That alone is magic There are no magic words, only magic meanings, powerful meanings. Psychoanalysis speaks from the nightmares it accepts into its soul. Such dungeon weeds do not grow in American.



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