Friday, June 15, 2012

the divinity of the child

                Christianity is hell. For what bars the innocence of mistakes, the neutrality of error the limitedness of even the gravest crime is hell, and infects most those who believe they have narrowly escaped. Play opens possibilities. The adult loses his sense of play, but the mature adult gains it back, is secure enough to be both man and child. Yet Jesus says "be ye children," he meant nothing at all that they should be playful, and never in the New Testament are we ever told to be creative, to be playful, to laugh, to relax and have fun, but Jesus meant we should be gullible like children, believing as they do whatever is told them. That uncritical trust to him was divine.

                Not to us. Children are divine not in their ignorance, but in their play. A child pretends, a child dares, a child disobeys -- this is the divinity of the child.




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