Friday, June 8, 2012

a note on mystical experiences

Mystic Experiences


            Mystics are as annoying as lovers. Mystics, like lovers, have genuine experiences that, having had them yourself, you can detect as real, and sense in what cases they are faked. But the mystic's use of conventions and stereotyped language -- "All is One" "God is Love" "Man is Immortal" -- annoys us who not only know and have become God, but also emanate realities greater than God. The "infinite ocean" they prate about, though to them it seems the keenest, greatest, sharpest words to what in their minds is "ineffable" (ineffable, that is, from lack of skill in expressing it) sounds as annoying to us as the "lovey dovey" letters and poems of simple lovers, who, though feeling intensely a love that passes understanding, nevertheless fail to convey this, lacking artistic sensibilities.

            What a smug smile this mystic has, when the doubter scoffs that he has really experienced the trinity. He barely hides his pity for the lesser mortal, who must be forgiven for he knows not what he says. But what is his ecstasy, after all, but an intense doubt that managed to worm deep into to tap an energy source? Mysticism is doubt transfigured. It is, after all, the exact same doubt, but in its adult form, looking as different from its crawling form as the imago from the grub. No wonder, then that the Saint experiences the Awesome revealing of the verity of the holy trinity, but the Hindu views Shiva in all his glory. The wine is genuine, the cups artificial. They put real experiences in conventional forms and would seek to justify a chipped plate by putting a fine meal upon it.

            The mystics are too superstitious about their experiences. They are quick to sneer at mystics who conclude differently. And the divines of other religions they are even willing to call demon-inspired. Clearly a mystic can remain a fool. Merely because a man is given the creative fluid of supreme importance does not mean he knows how to apply it, and even when he applies it to good use, he reveals the narrowness of his mind when he criticizes those who use it differently. These people do not yet know that they were not given this experience by an external God, but released their own inner energy from their innermost being. They are so quick to want to justify tradition, not knowing that traditions are just external forms meant to suggest the inner heaven, not compensate for it. The are, in other words, still sectarians, still angels to a God with a Name, some limited divine who is upset when others use a different name or form or image.

            Religions and traditions give the outer form that best allow the inner experience to happen. They are merely jealous when an individual finds the way in the privacy of his study or alone in nature. They would lay a curse on any divine who was not blessed specifically and only by their God.

            In this sectarianism there is yet strength. Religious groups give light forms of mysticism merely by convening, so that when they hymn together or serve together or are persecuted together, they feel the real energy of their God shared between them, for they are one spiritual body. They are blinded to think they are the only such body, and such ignorance does give them strength. Even ignorance has use, and many a man accomplished the impossible because he was ignorant of its impossibility.

            Ama, who is All Divine, whose body is all the divine things ever discovered or created, and all that will yet be discovered or created, is right eye Allfather, left eye Allmother, upper lip God and lower lip Satan -- Christ is her chipped tooth, Buddha is her belly. All prayers, whomever they are addressed to, are received by her, and she answers them through the name they were addressed to.

            And just as Mattria is all matter, all the material universe, and Ama the spiritual, the divine universe: they are yet one, one flesh and one spirit, cosubstantial, the same being in Mattriama, so that physics is theology, so that the laws of science show the laws of the soul, and visa versa.

            There is no divine outside of Ama except the innermost of each of us, which is unknown to all men, gods, God, the Universe, and Mattriama, until we emanate it out and mix our substance with hers. This, properly, is the reality of a mystical experience. The other myths, stories, and superstitions are merely different formulations of the same process.




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