Friday, June 1, 2012

The Sparrow and the Mice

The Sparrow and the Mice

a fable able having a disability


Once a field mouse brought home an egg to her family. But before they could quite eat it, the egg hatched and a baby bird emerged. The mouse had enough compassion to wish the bird to live, and enough sense to feed the bird worms. When the bird was mostly grown up, he would run with his siblings, the mice he had grown up with. The would dart in and around the fallen trees, the grass, the rocks. They were agile and quick. But the bird was clumsy. It only had two legs that could move it around. Its upper two "legs" were just a hindrance. The other mice put up with their deformed sibling, running ahead, and running back and playing games while the bird fell down and bashed into things.


One day, a head mouse proposed that the bird remove its upper legs because they kept getting in the way. This had long been a fantasy of the bird, to lose its clumsy upper legs, but he did not know how to get rid of them. When the mice proposed to gnaw the legs off -- and then let them heal -- he said he would have to think about it. He went into the woods. It was during the day time, rather than at night when mice are active, and as he sat and thought about being brave and letting the mice gnaw off his legs, he saw a creature that looked a lot like him, with a beak and two awkward front legs. But it was fluttering in the wind! The bird came down and introduced himself.


"What is that you are doing with your deformed legs! And how surprising to see you! There are so few mice like you and me!"


"I'm not a mouse, I'm a bird. And these aren't legs. These are wings!" And so the day bird took the fledgling under his wing and taught him that what he thought was a disability was instead his greatest ability.


So it is with our bipolar, which gives us heart storms and flights of ecstasy and eyes of the divine!




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