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"eidolons" a short essay

Daniel June to the Students of Life --


This attempt to expand my metaphysical vocabulary might sound eccentric, though it speaks of every day realities, and though it might sound obscure, it in fact relates our day to day memories, goals, and plans. The concept of an Eidolon -- a term I am taking from Whitman -- is merely another name for that over-soul, that created self, that better self we create through ourselves and in ourselves by living our day to day life.


Take care, Caretakers!





                The aboriginal self is the part of us that always existed and is ever publishing energy into the universe. The soul is what the Universe made out of that emanated energy -- is identifiable in the material sense with our blood, our affects, our attitude -- with hoops around the soul and in this there are layers of the soul. The next layer would be the psyche created by our parents union, and by the nature of their relationship; the next by our education, another by the spirit of our generation, and the most personal is the me we create amidst all the others to be able to see ourselves in the mirror. The I is an orb of nothingness that takes all these in, and by willing a nothing over some, and not others, wills them into existence.

                The language sounds strange but the experiences referred to are so common as to be blasé. An Eidolon then, is the created eternal self. It is the over-soul we create for ourselves through our thoughts, emotions, and deeds, none of which are left out.

                Let us step back to daily psychology. We do things, and we might thing that we choose our life on a moment to moment basis. If that were true, there would be no over all bent or plot to our life, and our biographers would call it a muddle. This is never really the case. Because as we make the small detailed decisions at any moment, an image, or basic symbolic idea, is presenting the options for each of these decisions.

                We are of course familiar with religious symbols, which are images that work as idols, to bring together a lot of complicated ethereal energy. The Bible, the Cross, the Name of God, the Quran are all idols and work as idols, to stand for physical things we can look on to focus on what is invisible: the divine. When we create an eidolon it will always have been eternally existent.

                In the same way, we create our cosmic bodies, our "resurrected bodies" to use such language, in the choices we make. No God does this for us, nobody gives it to us, but our thoughts, emotions, deeds, and choices, when summed up and added up became that cosmic image, that eidolon of ourselves.

                An eidolon is a living possibility insofar as it is not merged, but when the circle is fully rounded, it dies and becomes eternal. It is no longer living, it is deathless. As the ancients believed, death is birth.

                We though it was wealth, strength, beauty we built in our work and our play, that our art was more enduring than brass -- life is short, art is long. But art is eternal life, and in everything we create in this life, the image of those things becomes our heaven in the next. When the mind goes internal, and absorbs into itself the full image of the brain's material structure, it takes all those experiences with it. The temporal gives birth to the eternal, and God born from man.

                The mood of the artist, the study of the scholar, the light of the warrior, the toil of the hero, the ecstasies of the mystic, the productivity of the worker really exist to complete the circle of an eidolon, an eternal body, yes, and also an eternal home for that body.

                The first soul, made of mother and emanated self, that is our daemon, is our deepest blood, is the womb of creativity, the domain of Luciana, that guardian of darkness, the mistress of the mirror. That first soul, our inborn self, holds a mythic image of what we should be. Having that personal myth, all the worlds myths are harvested and used to give a conventional language to what is not in itself conventional at all, to what is new in the world, new under the sun, never guessed at by God or by All. The modesty of convention is always how mortals have danced and fascinated the gods with their seeming simplicity. Ama is a bit stupid at the level of the Gods, who think they know everything, but behind that mask, she learns from the triumphs of her children, being truly all in all.

                The visible is but their womb of birth. And yet some images remain under, never become conscious, but control the conscious by setting the options by which the conscious chooses. Those hidden eidolons, and the fantasies they produce, guide us and move us but would seem strange and unknown to us if we saw them, and if somebody mentioned such a story to us, we would find it strange and foreign. That innermost mythic, the foundation of memory, keeps the mind conscious of the conventional, prefers the language of whatever the dominant religion has to be, for it is not concerned with throwing its body against the hard rock temples of dominant traditions. It plays a subtler game.

                The body lurking within our body is our self-image, in its full psychic certainty, partly conscious, partly unconscious, the really I myself, that aspires to the eidolon of the art we create. What we choose to do makes a new body for us suited for such actions, what we choose to create makes a home for us, a heaven filled with such forms. Not any one of our songs, but all our songs together, resonate and teach our inner vibrating souls to learn new pitches, degrees, melodies and harmonies. All actions reverberate, and what you choose to do you will always be. And with a mind of wise interpretation, this need never remain a bad thing. Once you realize you are perfect, you will then always have been perfect, but until then, you are still mortal, the circle has not completed, you are living in contradiction, and you risk the mortal risk of becoming subjugated to some foreign divine. That foreign divine is again some aspect of Ama, who is all divine, but not that part that mingled her blood with the emanation of your innermost. Until you know yourself, that remains at risk.



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