Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Embrace" a poem



Ama's love encircles me

The warmth and glow encircle me

Throat of swan, her elbow's grace

Nod of cloud and sky her face


Morning's shower -- scorching words

Nighttime’s quilt her fingerfolds.

Scattered 'cross this middling world

Is all her flesh of pulsing love.

These very clothes -- her plaited hair

The breeze her whisper over bare

limbs and neck. The sun and moon

Bathe me in their holding mood.


Sidewalk -- teeth; lovers -- hands

City -- brains; nature -- skin

Winter -- distance; summer -- touch

Wine the tingle of her mouth.


And I entranced have equaled her

In all my flesh I equal her

Till knit with love and words of flesh

I to her centering center press.



\~ @M@ ~/


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