Friday, December 21, 2012

"Parable of the Two Brother's Dreams"

Parable of the Two Brothers’ Dreams


Two brothers came to breakfast and discovered that both had had significant dreams the night before.

Said the first: “I had a nightmare: the Horror chased down every man, a terror relentlessly pursuing as each man jumped over the others who had fallen in exhaustion, chasing the man till his last store of energy was spent. Only those who stopped to help their fellow man did the Horror pass over and forget.”

“It seems to me,” said the second,” that your dream offers a vision of the world as a hospital, with each man amounting to no more than his neighbor’s nurse.”

“Then what was your dream?”

“I had a morning dream. The veil of gross matter was lifted, exposing the light of spiritual matter, and men and women were glowing from their hearts, and glowing the brightest during acts of creative love. Some were gods as resplendent as the sun, others were angels, hallowed as the moon, still others were ghosts, faint as starlight, and then there were the shadows who shined no light at all. But after the veil returned, not all those who shone greatest and brightest continued to appear so, except I alone, having seen the truth could catch a glint in each man’s eyes, and hints in his manner. I saw that those who previously appeared as dark shadows were among those praised loudest once the veil had covered them, with the most reverent and holy terms describing them, as great men of high destiny and deep integrity.”

“Your dream does too much injustice to this world, where seeming and being often coincide,” said the first.

Neither brother was certain if the other had done justice to his dream, but both resolved to do justice to his own dream.




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