Thursday, December 20, 2012

"The Powerful Doctor" a tiny story

I just texted an improv story to my brother, and after it was done, that it was okay enough to pass on.






The Powerful Doctor


There once was a doctor who discovered he had the power to induce either lethargy with his left hand or ecstasy with his right hand depending on how hard he squeezed. A complete left squeeze was the most peaceful unconsciousness a complete right hand squeeze was the most extreme orgasm

He thought it was his special gift from God so kept it to himself, tapping patients in pain to sleep and giving the nurses a little thrill with a pat on the back

The doctor was proud to give sleep to suffering patients and ecstasy to women. But he soon realized that when he gave squeeze-induced sleep it would cost him his own sleep and when he gave squeeze-induced ecstasy he himself felt emptied. His power also didn’t work on himself

Since even when he withheld his powers he felt lonely and unsatisfied, he decided to use his powers as much as possible and then try to recover

His patients loved him and his girlfriend bragged about how great he was in bed, but after years he was a shell of a man

One day he heard a female pastor speak and he felt his powers restored a little and a little happy.

He started listening to all her sermons and felt somewhat renewed. Finally he decided to meet her. He was surprised that the radio preacher was hospital-bound and had terminal cancer. She explained that when she found out she was to die she was filled with the spirit to preach and empower the world.

The doctor fell in love but didn’t use his powers on her. He wanted to know how she truly felt about him. Soon it was clear they loved each other. Now he could use his powers on his patients and her words recharged him.

Nevertheless no amount of medical attention could help her. At last it was clear she was on her deathbed.

The doctor kept his secret no longer and she was amazed. As he held her and as he felt her dying he squeezed her with both hands, something he never felt powerful enough to do.

But when she was breathing her last, he poured out all his power so completely that nothing was left. No person on earth ever felt the heaven that the pastor felt at her dying breath and no man ever felt such hell as that doctor felt at his dying breath.

They lay there in the peace of death. But the doctors powers had so filled the pastor that she revived as if resurrected.

When she saw the exhausted corpse of her doctor lover she kissed him and breathed her spirit into him and he too revived.

For the remainder of their life on earth the two made the world and each other very happy.





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