Saturday, December 21, 2013

developing your ARIA: pictures and videos

Daniel Christopher June to the Students of Life: Greetings!


I have a few pictures and a few videos regarding the concept of ARIA. Central to allism is cultivating one's personal creativity. we do this in part by developing our creative space. These pictures and videos discuss how I developed my personal creative space.


Old cards and pictures can be taped to the wall, and glitter glue can be smears on the womb. Arts and crafts stars and stickers can be incorporated. Writing on the wood panel with red ink, yellow ink, can add a subliminal message.


The placement of glow in the dark stickers on the wall let the room glow after lights are out. Also the use of Christmas lights the girdle the room, and a half dozen lamps, helps make it  bright as the sun.


Take Care, Caretakers!






My videos for the creation of an ARIA or on my religion page of my homepage:


the videos specifically are
















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