Sunday, December 8, 2013

"Therontales" intro

First Chapter to the book I am going to write for my son.







                Once there was a mighty hunter named Samsoar, who kept solitary paths and lived in the woods, and was all but unknown among men. Never did he marry, and lived entirely from the effort of his hunt. Samsoar was a pious man, and kept all the laws of Mattriama, and honored her in everything. For this she blessed him, and visited him once in person, and gave him a bow and arrow that so long as the one who holds them has a pure heart, she never miss their target.

                Samsoar honored all he killed, saying a prayer before he killed any animal, giving it gratitude that he might eat its flesh and use its body and all its parts for his clothes and instruments.

                One day, Samsoar, who knew all the woods in his country, managed to get lost. He did not recognize the woods he was in, and saw that though it was winter in his land, this part of the woods was as if in summer. He explored it, but was unable to spot any animal. The creatures here were too clever, too perfect, to be caught. They had used magic to hide this woods from men. How Samsoar had found it, he did not know.

                Then he saw a beautiful doe, the most beautiful deer he had seen in all his life. He knew in his heart that this was an immortal deer, and that if he ate her flesh, he would be immortal. The deer read his thoughts, and she immediately disappeared.

                Samsoar was determined now to hunt the immortal doe for the rest of his life, or die trying. He used all his expertise to hunt her, every trick he knew. He spent five years lost in the enchanted woods, five years hunting her, unable to kill any animal, living only on roots and nuts and plants. This man, who had ever eaten the flesh of animals, had become a vegetarian.

                He prayed fervently, and fasted, and slowly, after all these years, learned the secrets of the woods. He set aside his bow and arrow of immaculate shot, and bathed naked in the rivers. He stripped himself of all clothing and ate the plants and was a new man.

                After another five years of living as a nude vegetarian, honoring the goddess, he build a home, a little house, and furnished it, and this was among the most beautiful and perfect houses ever constructed by man. He honored the wood he used to build his house, and planted where he cut, and he felt the secret forest forgave him, and welcomed his presence.

                His house overlooked a beautiful and perfect lake. He bathed in its waters daily. One day , he bathed at midnight, and he sensed a presence in the woods. He sensed the presence of the doe.

                He went to his house and pulled his bow and returned. The doe remained. He snuck up on her and aimed his bow. He had it locked on her heart, and the shot was certain. He was about to kill the immortal doe. He would prepare her flesh, eat, and be an immortal god.

                The doe heard this thought. She looked at him with love. The sight of her immortal eyes made the hunter feel an unworldly love. The deer walked up towards him, and Samsoar set down his bow. As she approached, she took on the form of what she also was, a beautiful goddess, clothed in white.

                "I have watched you all these years, mortal man, and my heart is for you. I love and would show you love."

                This goddess was the most beautiful being Samsoar had ever seen. They were married in a ceremony officiated by gods and attended by all the animals of the secret forest.

                The goddess, whom the hunter named Niviana, shared his home with him, and furnished it with her wisdom, and expanded his house until it was a small mansion. Great was their love, and these were the greatest joys of the life of Samsoar. He learned the secrets of the immortals, and still ate no flesh.

                Soon, Niviana was pregnant with Samsoar's child. He attended her with love, and when her time came, she produced Theron Avulian. For one year she nursed her son and gave him the great love of an immortal mother.

                Then, inexplicably, she was gone. She disappeared from the forest, and the animals went into hiding. Samsoar could not dedicate his time to hunting her down. He had to raise his son. The secret forest left with Niviana, and soon the woods new seasons just like other forests, and Samsoar returned to eating flesh once again.

                When Theron was old enough to know the story of his mothers disappearance, he made a vow in his heart, that he would learn all the arts of his father, and go beyond what his father would know, and one day, he would find his mother and know her face to face.




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