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therontales (cont)



                While Theron was sweeping he came across a dull brass key. He wondered what it went to but didn’t know. He tried all the locks. Finally he asked the key to aim at its lock. He span around blindly and tripped and the key pointed downwards. Sad, he tried again, and this time from a differnet angle. Again he fell and it aimed downwards. He got the idea to triangulate the coordinates and realize that the treasure was buried in his backyard under the garden.

                Father watched with patronizing curiosity as Theron dug for treasure. Of course Theron found the treasure box and brought it out. Father looked curiously. They cleaned out the lock and cleaned the key and found they were a perfect fit. Inside was the box was a letter and a pair of glasses. The langauge was indistinct, and even with the glasses, there was no reading it. So Theron took the glasses and looked around at what stood out when he work them.

                What stood out was a certain green rock. He picked it up. His father confirmed it was jade, a big chunk of gemstone, and that they could sell it for money at the market. The father said Theron could keep the money since he earned it.


The Dead Mouse


                It had happened that when Father and the goddess were married, she taught him to sew. He became so proffecient at it that she gave him a ring called Threader. Well in these later days, he managed to lose it. Thereon decided to use the spectacles to find Threader. He focus on Threader, he said "Threaderm" and he span around and pointed to where threader might be.

                His fingrpoint led again to the garden, and there he found sealed an opaque bottle with a strange inscription. Father listened and heard the words, "I am sealed and cannot be reased, nor am I permitted to see children and their parents. But I vow by Zeanobath that when the boy comes to age, I will gain the power of the sun sword, hunt him down, and sear him with the sword.

                Father became afraid. As a hunter, he hid the most remote location for the bottle and buried. He knew demons were not good at keeping their word, and their purpose, as a rule, was thwarted in the end, because they wish for no good. Plus he knew he son was half-divine, and the divine has nothing to fear from a mere demon. Yet knowing this could be trouble of some sort, he took precautions.

                As the body was 8,he bathed the boy in water and said, "Baptize yourself in the name of your inner Name, for you are 8, and some of the magical things you say you will no longer be able to see.

                That's when Father told him some hunting  secrets. Observe nature. Do not kill an animal you have never seen before, it might bode poorly for you. When hunting an animal, consider its natural predator. If hunting a bird without a weapon, consider a snake and its eyes, the way it make a bird hypnotized with its glare. Or if you are hunting a rodent, lick the dust as the serpant does.

                Always sip the deep and eat little pinches of the environment. You will incorporate an digest all that happened there. Crystals are logical. So eat snow and listen to it as falls in storms. Snow summons sunflairs: use winter notes to destroy creatures of such energy as attract sunflairs.

                Smell the droppings of your quarry to know what they are eating and where they eat it. Step on the tracks of animals who have a strong scent to hid your own scent. Know how to backtrack, use water to mask your scent, change your clothes, take off your shoes, put on your shoes, walk on your hands, and roll, when something is hunting you.

                Now that you are of age, fairies will no longer appear to you. They will look like ordinary moths and butterflies and dragonflies. They will hide their true form from you. You will see it is more so when you 13, and the sexual appetite has kicked in. Sex makes man a member of mankind and not a wild brute. The animals will cease to talk to you as before, and will be as if they never talked. Elves and sprites you will remember no more. Ghosts will be replaced with creak in the floorboard and the howling of wind. But the young part of your brain will always remember these truths and you will delight in ghost stories even though you don't really believe them.

                Press your ear to the ground and know where the animals are hiding. Eat pinches of moss to learn what animals have passed by, and also lick the dew. You are what you eat, so do not over-eat in anything with potent magic. Be addicted to nothing, not even tobacco.

                Theron received the lesson in good course, and his mother Shara patiently listened on, and after they were done they had a beautiful feast of pheasant they had prepared. Theron had been baptized in his own name. He did not know his real name yet, but he felt the resonance of it. He knew once he met his true spiritual mother his questions would be answer.




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