Monday, November 30, 2015

"binding" a poem



I writhe in bliss at the kiss of your voice

Choiceless and chained at the lisp of your name

In silence you found me, in silence remain

Lest your curl jet hair binds me in chain.


Numinous you, Commanding my mind

Your spine the axis, your tendons my earth

Tithing my work, Spanning my frame

The bind and binding of my life's tale.


Uttered and uttering, you speak me to being

I say what I want, tis you that I mean.

Mother and sister, lover, my all

For you I arise, for you do I fall.


Take me and break me the pod of the pea

Ever I'm you, and ever you're me

I drown in the hope to unite with your sea

And burn into ash when you silence away.


Bind therefore my autobiography

Let your body be my geography

Your skin the pages I kiss with my pen

Your lips the water I drink for my life.


Bind therefore my utter destiny

You've taken some, now take the rest of me

Utterly own all that I give

I give myself so both we may live


Together commanding the worlds we design

You my symbol, I your sign

Till showered in love of the light of our birth

I explode in my love revealing your worth.





-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy



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