Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beyond Good and Evil Part 2 paraphrased

PART 2 The Free Spirit.

            Love of Error grants Freedom.

            Martyrdom for truth spoils innocence and nuetrality of conscience.

            Choose good solitude of playful, freedom, rightness.

            Avoid becoming a solitude of poison brewing.

            You must be clean when you go down and into the crowd and study normal human beings.

            Use light cyncism to distance yourself from feeling disgust for common men.

            Tempo is soul. Read according to tempo.

            Tempo is health.

            Read great books esoterically, as from the height. Exoteric is for the low people, who stick to common books which stink of commonness.

            Instincts, breeding, and the unconscious mind determine interpretation. What is moral or immoral about a person is the nature of his unconscious.

            Be cautious in understanding moral matters.

            Immediate certainties are only apparently so, and require a subtle supsicion.

            Seek a deeper innocence than faith in grammer and grammaticl proofs of psychological realities.

            Thinking is a wrestling of the drives.

            In history, the text disappears under the interpretation.

            Pleasure is no argument of truth.

            Be dry, clear, and without illusion.

            You must see past the masks profundity hides beyind. A God hides behind his opposite. Nobility hides his beauty for shame, shame of being seen by low people. Every profound sirit needs a mask.

            Moral: to test your independence at the rigth time, and destine yourself for command.

            I foresee a new species of philosophers: attempters, who want to remain riddles.

            There is no common good, what is great for gods is death for sheep.

            Freespirits may appear in many quizzical masks.


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