Sunday, April 12, 2009

notes on the move "ALIEN"



          The movies “Alien” and “Aliens” – are not really movies (plots, characters, that sort of thing), but actually nothing more than a sustained freak show. The Alien is the only interesting character, and the only plot to speak of is the combination of the striving of those who wish to escape the alien, and the appalling perverse striving of those who want to capture and use the alien.

          What is so fascinating about this freak?

          The creature tries to embody all the things man is afraid of. It starts out as an egg that slides open like a womb. Out pops a spider that grabs the man’s face. The spider becomes a fetus in the man, eating him out from the inside, until it is born. The fetus becomes a snake. And the snake becomes an aborted baby, the alien full grown, with the typical fetus like embossed forehead. It even has a penis like inner mouth for raping, while yet being shaped vaguely like a woman.

          The maker of the puppets, it seems, were trying to capture as many of man’s phobia’s into one being; and of course he then chases a masculinized woman around with it.

Alien as womb

Alien as spider

Alien as birthed from a man and as a snake


Full grown alien as woman, skeleton, and fetus, with penis for inner mouth




alien 5

Oh the humanity!!

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