Tuesday, April 7, 2009

brief quotes of Emerson on writing


          Emerson is the scholar, which means, the writer. Every one of his words has a strange meaning: watch out! Here is a set of his words of advice, chopped and grilled into proverbs:


The way to write is to throw your body at the mark when your arrows are spent.

Use only the 3 or 4 stubborn words.

Reattach things to nature: fasten words to the visible.

Superlative is fatty.

An accomplished style: nothing can be added to it, nothing taken from it.


Try anything – tricks, makeshifts, tragedy.

Prize first thoughts, hints, glimmers, premonitions, 1st forming, harbingers, 1st impressions.


When your mind is creative, don’t read.

Divine books: read the least of them.

Trust the glance not the gaze.


Never be absorbed in a book, reading long at one time anything, no matter how fascinating destroys thought, as the inflections forced by the external causes. Stop if you become absorbed, at even the first paragraph.







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Mark said...

Hi Daniel... thank you for the Emerson nuggets, they made my day. I know they're not exact quotes, but could you give us some references from where you've pulled them? I'd like to do some study...
Thanks again, Mark Hicks