Thursday, December 2, 2010

"anxiety and the word," "Sophia" two poems

Two more poems I’ve written while working, in the form I’ve been favoring lately. Work seems so dull lately, and there is more and more of it; my mind is in no mood for philosophy, just cadence – strange beast that it is!

Daniel Christopher June







Anxiety and the Master Word


Unfocused locus of ego in pain

Pinched mind snaps at shadows that haven’t a name.


His sword scrapes metal, a symbol to sink

The daily anxiety in rivers of ink.


This press blesses life by swallowing all

The fortune misfortune that daily befalls.


Commanding and grabbing what daily is heard

The mind is empowered with each Master Word.




Eos - Copy.jpg



I stretch my mind to press your lips

I spread the question of our bliss.


My phallic ego seeks to know,

Your subtle wisdom makes me grow.


With mind submerged within your tome,

I reach to seek the truth to come.


Eagerly reading your words with a kiss

The passion of knowledge will bring us to bliss.









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