Thursday, December 9, 2010

"the assumed tree" a poem

This difficult poem focuses on one complex metaphor, the tree of knowledge within our assumptions about life. I struggled with this image for hours today, but I like where it took me.

Daniel Christopher June




The Assumed Tree


The Philosophy’s Oak

A Nerve-tree covered in eyes

Each lash an iris –

Rainbow trails upwards

The Bridge to heaven.


Her branches are sciences and arts

Every discipline sprouts from her

Each our minds is a bonsai miniature

Of her square structure.


We bathe our roots on mother’s menses

Stretch wide our brains under lux of language.


We shine our lightning eyes

Through a prism of psychedelic blood

Kaleidoscopic rainbows of metaphors and myths

Are projected upon the clouds


So crown your head and wet your tongue

Upon your daily bathe

Drop of rainbow sud upon your lips

“I the Clean and Glowing One.”


Let the bees brew poison

From the tears of the evil eye

Wild tropes, versus all rude moods

Whose sting is sexual angst of electric guitars


Each eye of wisdom pays this tax

Like glints of gold on ocean

Rhyming waves with sunlit crests

Your blinking couplets hitch to electric angels

Send your best like dust of gold to friends afar

As if you blinked golden coins from your eyes

What is given away in love alone can you keep.









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