Sunday, December 12, 2010

"on perpetual creation" a poem


Greetings friends, I wrote this one while I was at work again, but I must make a new resolution, now that I am a cashier and no longer a materials handler: no more attention to texts on my phone. It is better to be present at your job, especially if your mind is already soaked in verse. I am paying attention to the idea of mindfulness, to fully focus on one thing at a time. I count it as a useful tool, but not an ideal state, not something to seek for every moment, as it is advertised as. One more conceptual tool in the mental tool box. So now I am working mornings. Those who know me know I am allergic to the a.m. But to spend more time with my family, who are the world to me, I adjusted my schedule. I am attempting to make some personal changes: more aware of one reality at a time, and also less sensitive to criticism.


Take care Caretakers!


Daniel Christopher June



On perpetual creation


I blink lightning from my eyes

Impregnate earth -- a thousand tries.


If by chance the lottery’s won

She brings forth the red-capped son.


The fount of tropes of fungal bliss

Who by the lordly Ygg is kissed.


My many words are Darwin’s prey

Most my threads he snips away.


On your birth a gold cigar

With coffee cloved, with cinammin


Daily I address my soul

With anxious heart for hearty growth


The bathroom moods are daily cleaned

With microscope and soapy beams


My elephant shoulders are finely pecked

With moods critical against insects


My soma coffee manic mind

A sun of lightning burst and shine


The U.S. Gods are soaked in tongue

Which drips forth pearls when day is sung.


All these rites prepare the birth

Of a diamond tight metaphor.










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