Thursday, December 9, 2010

brief thought about being a follower

If you would be a master, seek what the masters sought. Do not seek to match their footsteps pace for pace, for in doing so you will be not doing what they did, walking naturally and in your own style towards the goal, but you will be focused on his accidental footfalls. If you follow in the exact footsteps of a master,  what was natural for him will be strenuous for you. What your favorite person ate or thought are not relevent to you, though they may have been to him and his projects. The powers unique to you are new to the world, and can make you great, but nobody else. You must maximize them by your own native strengths, and not reduce yourself to following unnaturally the natural gestures of others. Each man has the potential to be the greatest of things, to grow indefinitely, but only from his innermost, and to betray that is to lose power, for that is light, and all imitation is mere reflection. It is not “what would Jesus do?” for such a consideration would be wrong for all excepting him. “What would be best for me to do,” is a much more interesting and powering question, which we must often ask ourselves in life. “What can I do best, and better than all others?” is a life-defining question.










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