Friday, September 30, 2011

Fast Food Rant: Wendy's New Burger will dominate the market!

Wendy's now offers the most delicious burger in the fast food market!

My favorite food is the hamburger. Every since I was a kid and my grandpa would inevitably cook one up for me each day of my visit – with a satisfying taste I could never replicate with my own – I love hamburgers. When getting to know somebody new, questions of favorite colors and foods inevitably come up. Most young people would nominate pizza as their favorite food, and once they grow up, lasagna, or some other Italian cuisine. Its all about the burger for me: all America, fully delicious.
You can imagine my horror and disbelief (I think I went through the five stages of grieving) when McDonald’s took their “Big and Tasty” burger off the menu. I loved that thing. Thick, juicy, delicious. Their regular burgers just don’t cut it – I’ve actually been losing weight! – and the closest I can get is an expensive but usually worth the price Steak and Shake “Steakburger” (ask them to put thousand island on it for a special treat, and use their peerless honey mustard for your fries).
All that’s changed now. Wendy’s has introduced their new “Dave’s Hot and Juicy Cheeseburgers.” They do well to honor the founder with these beasts! After picking up dinner for my wife, I had to try a bite of it before I got home, and found myself gobbling it down even thought it was still too hot. I couldn’t resist! Thick tomato, fresh lettuce, and best of all, thick delicious beef. I’m due to gain back some missing weight!
I am pleased to see Wendy’s gain an advantage over McDonalds, and its more than the fact that McDonalds unforgivably discontinued the best thing on their menu (the Big and Tasty). If you ask for ranch dressing for your fries, is that pro-bono? Not at all! Fifteen cents each, and it will take 3. At Wendy’s I asked for Ranch and they gave me three with no qualms or extra cost. Also, McDonald’s is doing their monopoly promotion again, but as far as prizes and excitement, only the first run warrants caring about. Ever since then it gets harder and harder to win anything, and its just an annoying gimmick.
Good luck Wendy’s! I will do my best to help you on your way!
(Wendy's is in now way affiliated with the rants of Daniel June)

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