Saturday, September 3, 2011

"somatic memory" a continuation of an essay

And so we continue with the value of commitment. To commit to people means you can use them as an external mind. We think through our friends, they are the full reach of our brain, we can remember through them, we become part of the group mind. That’s what this essay is aiming at more or less.


The relationship between mind is body is that though the mind is eternal and the body is not, the mind nevertheless will never lack a body.





2. Somatic Memory


            People and things stand for ideas. Our internal memory requires exercise, aids, reminders. The world becomes our agenda book. The placement of our laundry basket  before the bathroom door reminds us to do the laundry in the morning, the note on our lunch bag reminds us to make a phone call on our lunch break. So let all your possessions hold somatic memory; frame and hang your successes, write your purpose on the walls of your house, tattoo them to your skin.

            Our possessions lack names. We ought to name our guitars, cars, word-processors, and regard them as important enough to have names.

            Use your possessions as a language. And yet, know how to resort back to spoken language when the heft of your possessions weighs down too much on you. Stupid people require more sex than intelligent people, lacking the mental flexibility to be fulfilled in subtler ways. For the lackwit, anger speaks of murder, desire speaks of sex. For the nuanced man, crime is less necessary, having the imagination and power to defy society in his own way. We all have bloodlust, but few of us need to fulfill it literally. A gesture, a sign, the correct placement of a possession expresses the same need.

            To commit a deed is to scar the body with it. Virtues and vices remember themselves in our bodies and our body language. Crimes bespeak themselves through our gestures: commit the crime and you will forever look like a criminal, even if nobody ever says so. It’s a glint in your eye, you can’t undo it, in every body you take in the hereafter, it will also be present. Do well, then, to reinterpret this and everything as in fact a good thing.

            The ability to focus the mind is felt in the muscles of the eyes. The difference between men is in how intently they can focus on one thing: such a little bit of muscle makes a lifelong difference. The pressure of an ounce of fluid can make a man insane.









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