Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SIStem update

Greetings Students of Life! 

SIStem is both the narrator of my upcoming novel, Lux, an artificial intelligence who centers the future internet and controls the world, and she is also a metaphor for technology as a whole. I’ve been immersed in SIStem. In preparing to finish my novel, in expanding my resources on the internet, in volunteering at the library, I am understanding the systems of life.

Be sure to check out my book the Life of Allism, it is a triumph and a preparation. It gives the lifeway for creativity, a strategy for life. The next and upcoming book, The Writing Life, which is due next February, is taking hours of intense work each day: I have been compiling it and editing the extant written draft, preparing for the fun part, the writing.

Work has slowed to a standstill – the boss is trying to save money – so I’ve been considering supplementing with freelance writing and editing. Let me know if you know of any other opportunities.

Hope you all are well!

Take care, Caretakers!

Daniel Christopher June

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