Sunday, September 11, 2011

personal update and hiatus

Daniel Christopher June to the students of Life:


I have long since finished the essay that is collectively known as “Strategies for the Game,” which you have been receiving every other day for the last two months. There is still much more to go. It was, after all, a book long essay. In fact, the final section, which is about the Game of Life in relation to Allism, is quite inspired, the best I’ve written about Allism, and in a style that captures the essence of its logic – which I call the “Allistic Style.”

You won’t be getting any of that. I dunno, I’m moved past it now. I am working on a new essay, of greater length, compiling more notes, entitled “the Writing Life.” This will be the largest chunk of volume 2 of The Perfect Idius, that book I’ve been writing for the last fourteen years. It will take months to analyze the rough draft essay, which is already 200 pages, structure it into the most logical and perfect order, integrate three months of notes into it, and edit the thing mercilessly. If I send some of that to you, it will probably not be until the year 2012, shortly before the world ends.

So there will be no more scheduled mass mailings for some time! I will probably send the occasional poems and bits of essays and stuff, every once in a while. Thanks for reading and thanks for being patient. My work so far in the year 2011 has been to integrate this last essay, Strategies for the Game, into volume 1 of the Idius, and also to redact and perfect another book “the Natamyths.” I will have news about these two projects in about a week.

Meanwhile you might be glad to know that family life is great, better than I would have expected. My wife is succeeding at her new and challenging job, my kids are healthy and happy, and though I am not being worked nearly enough at my current job, I nevertheless have time to spend four to six hours a day compiling my notes, researching, editing, and all the other necessary tasks which I collectively call “loving Ama” (my muse), which makes my life worth living.

I hope you are all well, and please email me at any time, I will always respond with a careful and well thought out reply.

Take Care, Caretakers!


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