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"sensetivity and concordance" continuing the strategy essay

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Well! I have been working very hard formatting two books for publication! I am driving my family nuts, but I am obsessed. Anyway, here is the next part of the essay on commitment, and here we look at what’s at stake with commitment: sensitivity and intimacy. To fuse into love you must set your channels straight. This section looks into what it means to be “real” and “true.”






6. Sensitivity and Concordance





The Snail

Back off! I don't need you!

I could just as soon drop you too


My heart recedes, that quicksilver snail

Back within his gold-gilded shell


Mercury soft and sensitive

When he dares out, mere whispers drum


My chest is hard and tight as wires

My care when bared is soft as fire


The basilisk is mirror clean

Your criticisms dent and ream


Till inwards hides my egolove

He heals within the shell alone


Back off! says my smile polite

My gentle words: hermetic flight.



                When the inner states are in congruence towards one attitude, one goal, and when the outer spheres resonate together and back inwards, then are the planets alined, and a man is in concordance with his world, he is then at the center of it, he is the axis mundi, the world tree, the eye of the cyclone. We capture glimmers of it in the daily ripples. The world is full of different energies, but when they resonate, when they happen to coincide all their rhythms into one beat, then the moment is the miracle, that moment of transfiguration. Even slight cases tell the tale: I happen to be hungry for just the right meal, and just the right meal happens to be available: how the food hits the spot, it’s just right, this meal is the best of my life, and even if I have the same meal again next week, it won't be as good as it gets: this is as good as it gets, life is full of such little peak moments, little bests, just as every couple in history, due to mortality and lesser pains, will have a final kiss, a final embrace; there will be a last time I listen to the great symphony, there will be a final smile upon my face -- may it be near the end!

                When care emerges from its inner world into the open world, when the outer and inner accord, and when the outer resonates with the inner, when I am just perfect where I am, how happy I feel. I might not even know how happy I am until much later. I might think life is okay, and later on, in later decades, pride that time as the wonder years, the golden age, the best of the best. I didn't realize how special, how perfect you were, until I had matured and seen more of the world. You always seemed so strange to me, so weird. Now I realize you were a god.

                When the inner and the outer coincide in movement and purpose, I am the hand, and you are the glove. You fit me as perfectly as my own skin. My whole life waiting, hiding, muzzled and stuffed and not saying a thing, to prepare for this nova-shine. And even the little things, doing the right thing that must be done, just when my heart and mind were ready to do it: I am a wonderful energy. But doing what I don't want to do, doing what I must when my heart isn't in it: how difficult! How challenging! It is many times harder to do even a simple task when really I would prefer not to.

                How to achieve concordance? How to tweak the world and the self so that they resonate? If you shift back and forth in the bath, just right, the waves build and build and make a god-awful mess. What tsunamis can we brew, us as a group, if we start all pushing as one, at just the right moment? What worlds can we create if we develop a shared vision? Mankind as a whole lacks such a shared vision. As Allists we are the ones with the one true vision for mankind. It is our place to unify all religions and all systems, to even place wars and conflicts in their right place.

                Every position and role is premade, waiting for us, with a set of expectations that we feel guilty for not fulfilling, even if really we cannot, if we lack the temperament for them. Should Einstein have felt bad that he wasn't much of a parent? Should I? Those roles are so defined, and defended, if not by laws, then by the frowns, scowls, criticisms, and gossips of all people everywhere, that it requires much ingenuity and cleverness to side with the originality of the individual rather than the traditional and nonnegotiable expectations the world insists we assume. Am I a doctor? There are things I simply cannot say or do, off the job, and especially on the job. Am I a politician? The gossip is nonstop! Whatever I am, I am by no means free to interpret it and fulfill it in any way I desire, but I have to meet certain requirements, and I am absolutely unfree to deny those requirements. Nevertheless, I am still more free than I know, if only I internalize those expectations and demands and outsmart them. With the right negotiating skills, with the right tools of interpretation, I could be, say, a "Good Christian" and yet say or do just about anything I wish-- if only I do it in the right way.









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