Saturday, May 5, 2012

2 poems for "Allistic Writing"

I am back on volume 2 of the perfect Idius, which I am entitling “Allistic Writing.” It is an 800 page book on how ot write and live creatively. I think not even a sentence is wasted. But It will take months of editing before it is publishable. I have decided to dedicate the book to “Colleen” – my ideal disciple, my perfect reader, the type of person whom I wrote the book for, an aspiring writer of native brilliance. This first poem is the opener, and the second is the closer of the work. The poetry is not nearly rhetorical enough, rather simple straightforward stuff, but I think contextual it does its job.





For Colleen


Our Place


There is a secret place

In my secret heart

The center of my central garden

The eternal place

Of utter self

Where no person ever shall approach

Neither man nor woman

Neither God nor Goddess

Can ever know this place.


(You are with me here.)



The pit of our hidden love

Fell like eternity upon this sacred ground

Hidden from the eyes of law and man.

We work in duty while in the world

And never earn a hint of blame,

While the peach of our love grows strong

In this our hidden place

As if it's purity were a crime!

From the tender nestle of vulnerability

Grows our World Tree

Which will fill every place and all the universe

You alone belong in the center of my being.


(Here, we are I.)





The inner door at

The heart of every song

opens wide for me

Now that I have your love

-- Oh my lover true!


The laughter of children

Makes me weep and laugh

Now that I have your love

-- Oh my lover true!


Every tear I see

Bleeds my feelings raw

Now that you've melt my heart

-- Oh my lover true!


Now that I have your love

I want to see

Every scene of life again

This time with an open heart

that I never knew was closed

Until you opened me

With your love

-- Oh my lover true!




\~ @M@ ~/


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