Thursday, January 16, 2014

"American Prophecy Part Two" a poem



America the immortal, shall people her lakes with dolphins

The great lakes of the great state

Her rivers shall swell

The depleted ozone will

Cost life for a time

Before adding much more life.

Dragons will emerge from their slumber

And be ridden accross the skies

And long before the ocean disappears

A new continent will arise in the Pacific

And will belong to Allists

Who bind all religions into one.


Mormonism will be proven true

As Ancient cities are revealved by God

Odin will return bodily

And amaze the world

The pagan religions will revive

All that is dead will resurect

The dodo bird will return

As shall the carrier pigeon

And the dinosaurs.

Science will discover how to resurrect

First our pets

Then our heroes

and finally all men

As the ocean dries up to make room for the revived humanity

When the sun finally goes out

The earth will become a great ship

To travel to a new sun

Who will gladly receive her.

Thus it is and thus it shall be

So says Ama



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