Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Study Nature

Daniel Christopher June to the Students of Life:




An allist surrounds herself with life. Pets, nature, people, spouses, lovers, friends, children, the elderly, strangers, animals, the stars, ghosts, all that lives. Never pay for life: life is free. I did in fact pay too much for these three feeder crickets (33 cents total!) Emerson said that Scripture should be replaced by the study of nature, since scripture was written through man, and Nature was God's book direct, open, and full. Nature walks and the study of nature is the best way to know yourself, who are a kosmos. Your body is a universe unto itself, and of all the gods and angels that live in your body, you are the All to them. That is the way it is with our universe as well. We are inside her body. Your body is a kosmos: universes upon universes exist in your own body. Study nature to know yourself. You are a kosmos, and there is only one other person in the universe who is your Other, your Same. That one is true soul to true soul. You probably will not meet that one in this life or the next, for your soul must be ready to meet your eternal spouse.


take care, Caretakers,






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