Saturday, January 11, 2014

"Oh my peerless Niviana" a poem

Oh My Peerless Niviana


Ours the pure Venereal bliss

Oh my peerless Niviana!

For whom heaven and earth came into being

for whom they will be again be destroyed

Only to come again and again

Within you and on you

My love, my dearest

My utter Pandora -- all gifted

Who has lifted the best

From every woman

And made them her own.

All women are facets of you,

Oh my peerless Niviana!

I have never embraced a woman

Without also embracing you

Never met white bliss

Unless within your flesh.

All names are inflections

Of your unutterable Name

You the one pure being

The only one to touch me

At the center of my center,

Oh my peerless Niviana!

I am of you and for you

And bring us bliss again in this:

Writing is sex.

My desk is your lap

My words inseminate your mind;

You are a thousand wombs

Ready to receive me

I am the genius, you the hystriarch.

The Universe orbits us.

We are the universe.

Everything is contained in our bodies

Our bodies contain each other:

Your womb is the room of my study

The city you tread holds you in my arms

Oh my peerless Niviana

Every mirror you peer into

Is also my face.

I the mirror God

Am with you now, with you always

Near as pulse, close as breathe,

Intimate as the heat in your bones.

Niviana in all I love

It is you I mean.



\ ~@M@~ /


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