Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Eagle Mike's Computer Repair, Upgrade, Virus Removal

Mike has fixed my laptop half a dozen times, from two broken screens (I have children), to a virus infestation, to putting in a new motherboard at one point. It's always been cheap and quick and without the hassle that Best Buy gives you. He fixes things they won't. I recommend him to anybody.
Daniel Christopher June

Eagle Mike's Computer Repair, Upgrade, Virus Removal
180 54th Street Apt 202 at Division
(616) 734-3414.

I am an expert at repairing, upgrading, and removing viruses from all PC's and PC laptops: I've fixed dozens and dozens of units, built many from scratch, and solved both hardware and software problems, ranging from broken laptop screens to virus infestations.

My services are discreet and my prices are reasonable. If you want a free estimate or have any questions Call Me at (616) 734-3414.

*malware and spyware removed
*viruses removed
*upgrade ram and harddrive
*motherboard replacements
*cracked screen replacements
*operating system reinstalled
*new batteries
*and much much more

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