Sunday, January 12, 2014

Killer Crayfish!

My brother in law, Tom, had the bright idea of buying me two feeder crayfish for my fish tank. Little did I know that they would destroy the whole ecosystem. The larger one, whom I will name Brutus, killed most of the fish, and all the rotting corpses killed off all the other fish! ALL! Not only that, he took issue with sharing a tank with the other crayfish, who I will call Dacy. Well Dacy is dead, I think, poor soul. I have thoroughly cleaned out the 30 gallon tank and moved everything living (some snails, a plant, a ghost shrimp), to a small tank on my desk. Here are some pictures.




Here I'm handling Brutus. Note my scowl.





He's a vicious thing.



Here I look at the barely moving Dacy. Note my look of compassion.




Poor Dacy!









Dacy may be a goner. He is hardly breathing.




This is Brutus' new home.


Take care, Caretakers!





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