Friday, July 9, 2010

"love" a poem

So I came across this poem I wrote once upon a time and am surprised at it—hard to remember what spurred this sentiment this particular time. I believe I’ve sent it out before.






My body is built for love

Hands tongue thighs

For love only love

You who are closest

Never fall close enough

I would press my heart into yours


So I will talk philosophy

Chop and tie ruthless definitions

And dose my heart into drops

I will give you always

An ounce more than you give me

I am deluge

I could drown you


The love that knits flesh to my bone

Skin unto skin, nerve unto nerve

The yearning damming urge of love

Like atom bound to atom

---No! I withhold that from you.


I will shine a little, like the sun upon the moon

My shining I

Will gather for brains clouds and thunderbursts

To filter the full

Lightning tips to carve out books

forbidden to your eyes

I’m honored to die unread.

You see grammar and form

But do not see

Amidst the threads

the love I’ve mingled insatiate


Tongue and thirst of Love

Lick of tooth

Bite of Lip

I say you

Without echo.