Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Forsaken by All Save One" a poem

Forsaken by All Save One


Oh my spinning lovers

One by one you've dropped my gifts

Upon my step and up and left

To forsake my flame of stormy mands

For austere skies, the upperhand.


Where remains my Lissidy?

You never dared in kissing me

Where to find the Dewy Drop?

A tear confessing love has stopped?


Ama in your plural forms

I blaspheme all your divine names

Holding one as Absolute

The precocious bold, like lithing lutes


Who never fails impressing me

No one once addressed me

This simplistic bold of fascinations

Makes me smile and say again

"I didn't know such things could be

Your easy grace surprises me

Every word a novel turn

every limb a dancing wind”


Amakin precocious child

Breaks the way through teeming styles

Endless golden novelty

Birthing suns of symmetry

Such I list and turn to love

And offer ‘plauding gratitude.




\~ @M@ ~/