Monday, May 16, 2011

experimental sentence.

Your opinion please, on this experimental sentence I’ve made.




The strong being is the proof of the race and the ability of the universe, the strong mind the same, for society is a troop of thinkers, and the best heads among them take the best places, knowing that the noble soul has reverence for himself, and inspires awe through awful eyes, saying with a glance, “when you see the one not born of woman, fall upon your faces and prostrate yourself before that one, for that one is your father,” inspiring honor in the honorable, for artful and enthusiastic reverence and devotion are regular symptoms of an aristocratic way of thinking and evaluating; they take the best places knowing that nothing is at last sacred except the integrity of your own mind, so reflect upon yourself, and when you ask what is right your bosom will burn within you and you shall feel that it is right, for there is light within the man of light, and that one enlightens the world, bringing greater light and greater shadows, because all kinds of power usually emerge at the same time; good energy and bad; power of mind and physical health; they take the best places knowing that if anything is sacred, the human body is sacred, which is why even I weaken your will to bronze your bones, till we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor—so do not dissemble in front of me, for here we are equal, and I will wash over your soul, mind, and body, for my greatness is like water, which benefits the world without fuss, and when you share liquid speech, you share me, for between three divine beings, there is God, where there is one or two, I am with that one, I, who has the idea of All and am All and believe in All.










Sunday, May 15, 2011

"the dragon and the unicorn" a poem

A little verbal nothing I wrote for my amusement.

Daniel Christopher June


The Dragon and the Unicorn


I the wise dragon

Last of my kind

And you,

pure horned unicorn

questing the world,

lonely confused,

you dare glare

down my lair

Desperate in quest

Willing to face

The only enemy

A unicorn knows:

Immortal before immortal

Each the only bane the other.


How you hated my flamed breath

How your glowing innocence

Pierced the philosophy of my nest

As if us ancient serpents

had stripped you of your race,

as if I myself had death ensnared

your loves and mothers.


We are both alone here,

I am the last of mine

You are the last of yours

I hadn’t guess there could even be a you.

Hadn’t known you were possible.

The others passed on to the other place

I do not know when or how

Their fire no longer resonates to mine

I will neither bite wit into you

nor breath fury over you

I leave you to your peace

Let our ancient war be ended in this place.


That innocent one came to love me then

Immortal yet naïve

And though I knew better

I loved her too

And we were inseparable lovers

Conspirers over this world and its ways

And what I had came to burn in her

And what she had came to burn in me

And we never forsook each other

Nor grew tired of our company.


Yet eon past eon,

the earth had grown so old

she was young again

and even in our love

we had grown weary of life.

I bore my heart to her,

in all its intimacy,

She shuddered and obeyed,

She pierced my heart

with perfect horn,

Alone the foe to me,

And my blood the same to her

Shorn upon her fleece

We died in union, child to age

Innocence is wise.