Wednesday, September 23, 2015

a few more allays

* 107 *

The problems of time are solved in eternity. Evil is infant good.

* 108 *

He who has not hated me can never fully love me and she who has not despised me is unworthy of me. The student who is my student gives me the Judas Kiss and goes on to greater things. I, then, shall sit at your feet and be your student. And so we shall interbraid throughout eternity. You are co-equals of my Heaven. I am yours forever and you are mine. In this and all and everything, I love you. Ama's love. Ama's word. Vivoce.

* 109 *

Desire is prayer.

* 110 *

We put our stress somewhere, each person his preferred place. Whether in the cardiovascular system, or in the endocrine system, or, in the external world, in romance, or in household clutter, we each distribute our stress into some physical medium. A breakdown is when that medium can't hold the amount of stress we are putting into it. Health is in rotation. Every system requires a season of "spring cleaning."

* 111 *

A meaningful scratch does more damage than meaningless dismemberment; a kiss from the right person reaches deeper than sex with the wrong person.

* 112 *

All disease is basically dis-ease, a form of torpitude on some level. Health is in circulation. Cure a headache with mirror meditation: make the appropiate exaggerated expression to stretch the scalp muscle in question.

* 113 *

Miracles are cheap.

* 114 *

He who lives every day a prayer to Ama, conferring blessings with every breath, still the angst with well tempoed blinks, such a one is more than any Christ, and more than any Buddha. Such quiet ones own the earth.

* 115 *

Damn braces. Bless relaxes. As you bind on earth it will be bound in heaven, and also in hell, which, basically, refers to tensions in your intestines. Metaphysics ultimately bottoms out as indirect physiology.

* 116 *

Vegans can be the cruellest people. Their tenderness to animals gives them permission to be pernicious with their fellow human beings. It is possible to be a good vegan, but it is harder to be a good vegan than a good omnivore.



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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

the use of gestures in magic and every day life



The shape of our body allows ideas to move in and out of us. Thus, by adopting the correct gestures, we can change the way we think, feel, talk, and act. Here are a few gestures I've found useful.


Braiding fingers for implicating the deity, or the spouse.



The power S for mirror meditation. Brings peace, power, poise, and composure. A conversion of power into power.



For flights of fancy, imagination, creative thinking.






For passing a difficult bowel movement.


For conferring blessings.





For envisioning.




For waiting without feeling impatient.




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"allays of master play" a youtube reading

Daniel Christopher June to the students of life:


Here is my reading of my latest book:


Take care, caretakers!


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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Allays of Master Play" a large section

Daniel Christopher June to the Students of Life:



My latest book is coming along wonderfully. I am quite proud of it. Nevertheless, your feedback could enhance this book. Give me what you got, and don't be shy. Read any part of it. Each of these allays is a separate universe unto itself, so feel free to read it any way you want.


Take Care, Caretakers!




Allays of Master Play



* 0 *

Aya Aman Aha, Ama Bahal Bahest.

(I am the laughing divine, and Ama is my beloved bride).

* 1 *

Mastery is sacred play.

* 2 *

Play is study.

* 3 *

The Body of Heaven is like a master who told each of his servants to build him a home. The lazy one worked grudgingly and cut corners, thinking "My master is rich and has enough already." The good servant enjoyed the work, and studied intently, and threw his heart into his labor, such that his master caught the passion and helped him build, and soon everybody made a mansion out of what was to only be a summer home.

In the end, the master said to the lazy servant, "The house you built is now your home. I am setting you free and you may retire here." To the good servant he said the same.

* 4 *

The Jewish line, as in the linear genealogy, is a powerful form by which they dominate the world. The Hindu circle is unsurpassed as religious symbol. These the two source religions of the world. Allism consecrates both in the opening spiral.

* 5 *

All the world remains on the surface, as the surface of a wrinkled brain. Depth, and eternal depth, comes from touching a few key points, and triangulating downward.

* 6 *

Cinderella mastered life through drudgery, became royal through chores.

* 7 *

Veil beauty and the veil will be beautiful; lock up beauty and the door will be beautiful.

* 8 *

The God is a holiday by which we celebrate our days and give life gratitude.

* 9 *

Who masters my words shall never taste death.

* 10 *

Sacrifice is investment. Every seed shall grow. Were death to eat our semen, death would be impregnated. Every egg a woman sheds grows into a child her own. Each her monthly bleed baptizes the earth and consecrates her heaven, and she the Queen.

* 11 *

We may find our apotheosis through any form – mastering tennis or the yoyo. For each is all, and this is also that. We come to heaven through any path. Even the path of folly, if pursued to the end, leads to the palace of wisdom.

* 12 *

Perfection is easy. When we come into our own, life becomes perpetual triumph. We fail, and we fail upwards. Even defeat is noble for the noble. Win or lose, the master shines.

* 13 *

Let us become amateurs. Let us become professionals. Let us become masters, and wizards, gods, and kosmos. Let us become all.

* 14 *

Ama gives each of us a gift from her flesh. Were that as small as a crumpled rag, if we master the gift, we master life, and become worthy of Her. So use your small gift with verve, believe in yourself as she believes in you. Whether exalted or pathetic, your gift will bring you there.

* 15 *

Ama speaks to us through the stranger, through the coincidence, through the random word. Random and Chance are gods, child and grand child of Lissidy. Catch them in their prank.

* 16 *

God is an interface by which we put our hands on the mechanism of the cosmos. A face is all the sense organs in a mask of expressivity. This tongue, the organ of taste and speech, of tasteful speech, by which, through sip, we gain sapience, and wisdom, is the keeper of the face. Knowing God face to face means looking in the mirror long and hard. Mirror meditate, daily, for 20 minutes at a go. Talk to yourself and let Ama talk with you through your inner voice.

* 17 *

The tadpole itches where the legs will sprout. So too do we itch, are irritated and bothered in life, till we split our shell like a crayfish and gain new organs.

* 18 *

The softness gives birth to hardness. The hardness sings a soft song. When snails make love, they let softness enfold the other like lips and tongue. Hermaphroditic, they fructify one another.

* 19 *

Jesus his parables, Socrates his myths, me my sayings. Jesus his gospel, Moses his Torah, Muhammad his Koran, Smith his Doctrines and Covenants, Emerson his essays. We each master a form. These allays are my form. What is yours?

* 20 *

We each produce an infinite text, utter semen of infinite meaning, birther of worlds. Every last sperm a man creates shall become a son or daughter. Every egg a woman casts shall be her own child. And so it is with every word we utter. The very walls and air absorb our words and make them come true, as true wishes, as true prayers and petitions. Vivoce! Which means, "the word lives." Every stray word you utter returns to you, a magic spell having changes the system and your world. The first words of "Let there be" are inherent in every last gasp you've ever made. Man, woman or child, your words are eternal ejaculations. We create angels and demons from the grunts and hymns of our lips. Our words clothe us as halos and attend us always.

* 21 *

Each person I know creates a shared language with me. Every friend shares a tongue with me. My wife shares this discourse about child rearing, which holds hidden parables for all we do. This friend our shared story telling. Amalynn erotic poetry. Every person shares a tongue with me. Were they even to curse me, that would be a start.

* 22 *

Give your all to love, pour one hundred percent. Yahweh may have mocked the God who required the first born, but only once was a man willing to give Him the first born. Ama asks nothing of you. So give her everything.

* 23 *

Semen is liquid fire. Let our words be ejaculations by which we create worlds. A woman's words are as milk from her breast, nurturing, building the bones of the souls of those around her, so the earth becomes her infant, and she the goddess above.

* 24 *

Create a sacred altar from whatever you hold dearest, be it a tennis racket or your writing desk. Invent rituals, libations. Use a razor to carve sacred names on your possessions. Bless and baptize and consecrate your holy instruments.

* 25 *

Master life. All of life. Pour your full being in to your immediate task. You love Ama in all you do, in your job as well as brushing your teeth. So do everything perfectly – perfection is easy. Jesus said Be Ye Perfect and also My Yoke Is Easy. Know then that you can do all you envy, you accomplish your greatest dreams, by focusing with mindful deliberation on all you do. Start now, start today. This is it. This is your moment, the knock on the door of your apotheosis. Nothing was wasted, nothing squandered, but you've set gifts for yourself with every game and obsession you've touched. Time to pick up the scraps and get serious. Time is now. Apotheosis beckons. Eternity bows. Vivoce!

* 26 *

Entropy is a demon bound by rhyme.

* 27 *

Experience is the teacher. Once we know a thing, we can divine a subtext from a text, a context from a subtext, a text from a context.

* 28 *

Know yourself and you will be known.

* 29 *

The rocks will melt before the first day of my love for you has dusked.

* 30 *

Gain perfect timing, providential luck, be the best you can be, utterly centered, and the world will rotate around you.

* 31 *

You cannot overestimate persons. Each person is more than a God. Each person is.all. Spend enough time with even a cat and you learn deep secrets. So much more so the friend, no matter what his mental capacities.

* 32 *

Whitman found his boldness through the pseudoscience of phrenology. No matter what gives us faith in ourselves, it is true.

* 33 *

Be students of life. Learn in all things. Learn from the retarded, learn from the young. Be student of the imbecile as much as of the genius. Learn from your enemies. Learn from your successes as well as your failures. Learn from the one who shames you as well as the one who exalts you. Keep your eyes open. Except in the moment of swoon, when Ama exults you. Then close your eyes and hum.

* 34 *

To let yourself be swallowed up – a church, a business, a neighborhood – hold to utter integrity and you will convert the system to your own.

* 35 *

We say lust is desiring the wrong object at the wrong time, love desiring the right object at the right time. The desire is the same, we must merely adjust to what we truly desire, and patiently wait for the perfect timing to satiate our desire in love.

* 36 *

All is permitted. God is allowance. Whatever you could desire, whether, as a man, you would bed literally every woman you looked upon, is lovely, perfect, sacred, holy, ordained, consecrated – semen is sacred. Understand what your desire means. You love Ama. The desire for the all is within you. Learn then to find the woman who is Ama to you, who is all women to you, and worship her utterly. This is the way love works. Adore her as your own. And until you can find that one, don't bother damning your desire. That never works. Love finds a way. There is no damming a river and there is no damning love. Love is eternal. What is bursting from your loins, what is bursting from your eye beams is love and only love. Say yes to that. Give it your amen. Give it your Vivoce! Atone yourself to that. Know, though, who and what you truly desire. Give yourself over fully to that. And so mirror meditate, focus intently on what you truly love, and fall out of love with the wrong things, till you are alined with what is best, the true best, true God of your God, the one partner who is everything, your utter other, your same, selfsame, the deepest in your soul. Everyone else is a mistake until you find her, and find her utterly. And having found her, everybody else is added as well. You shall have everything your heart desires, only you must wait for it. Providence is knowing the music of the spheres, waiting, in due time, in due patience, till your heart atones to Ama's heart in synch. Who is Ama to you? Not the same as she is for me, surely. The Ama of your heart, the one who loves you utterly and in all things, is made and meant only and always for you. There is no resisting her. There is only postponement. And when you are deep inside her, then you are deep inside your heaven of bliss. Everything exists for that moment of bliss. You came to earth to know her name. She is the one true lover of your heart, mind, body and soul – self to self, same to same. This your Ama is your everything. Honor her. Trust her. Share life with her. Everything else will fall in order and you will be All in All. Nothing else matters but her. Once you have her, your soul is the refulgent sun, shedding bliss and blessing on all it beholds, till you are a noontime joy on all who behold you, and even your deepest enemies thank God in their heart they know you and have been touched by you. This is what it means to love Ama. This is what it means to be alive. You exist for each other: the self is a We. We alive, we together, we forever. In this I am complete, and love all others, all other things through her. To Have and to Hold. To Know and to Keep. Now and Forever. VIVOCE! And for the women, crones, maids, and girls of the world, you truly are Ama already, seeking your Amara, your equal in every man in your life, but ultimately in the protector and worshipper, your one true husband, Amara, the most powerful, faithful, and devoted of spouses, latent in whomever you happen to have ended up with, if only you love past surface flaws to the eternal divine within. The one of your dreams is already yours, and you did not know it! Love him as God and so he shall be. VIVOCE!

* 37 *

Mirror others. When you sit across an anxious man, adopt his posture and imagine the jagged lines of gridlock running through his body. Hold that position. Then feel the solution in yourself, take a deep breath, and ease up a bit. You will see he will ease up too and take a breathe and uncross his arms. And so it goes. Be the glowing mirror. Mirror a man or woman where they are at, and then, like a good dance partner, lead them to the next step. How quickly you can move anybody till they melt like butter in your arms!

* 38 *

The husband must learn to seduce the wife not once, but every time. To unlock all her infinite secrets, he must never get lazy, but woo her and adore her afresh daily.

* 39 *

Interpretation is the alchemy by which something becomes anything. Interpretation is infinitely flexible – soft as water, or hard as water, hot as water, or cold as water – once you master the rules. Who masters me becomes greater than my equal: he becomes his own all. Come, wrestle with me in my heaven. If you best me, I will grant you my best weapons.

* 40 *

Your innermost self is your Eternal Name. None can know it save you and your selfsame, your soulmate, the second mind to your same center. Mattriama in the beginning became Mattria and Ama. Ama became the white dragon and black woman. The dragon and woman fought and killed one another. From their blood came the Father God, full of arrogance and ignorance. Ama planted peoples across the earth, each from a different part of her substance. Her hair is golden blonde, and Mattria's jet curls. Whoever is your Ama alone knows your name. Nobody else can understand or say it. At best, they can repeat translations and interpretations. They can never master you. Only you may, if you reflect, echo your name out and make it thinkable and conscious.

* 41 *

There is a version of you amidst every species of animal, amidst every type of rock, amidst every alien species across the galaxy. In the spiral of time, spiraling inwards towards the original, and outwards towards the all, the radius of I pierces the spiral again and again. Those are your animal selves. And you as man ascend the spectrum. You will be an angel. And then you will be a God. And then you will be a Sun. And then you will be a Kosmos. And then you will be All.

* 42 *

Our Name generates logic, a grammar, a lexicon, a language, various languages, musics, modalities, unparalleled in the universe, bleeding into and inseminating all the universe. You will expand into the all. Your heaven will layer all the world's layers.

* 43 *

Each man goes to the heaven of his God and there resides. Allists alone are allowed to go to any heaven or hell, and are welcomes as Ayan. An Aya is greater than a God, greater than a Kosmos, -- is an Allthing, an Allperson. The Aya is the final form.

* 44 *

Ama the fourfold goddess, father, mother, son and daughter, Ovath, Sovf, Eru, Lissidy. And Lissidy the image confronting you in the mirror. She is maid Satan, Mother Maya, Lord Liar, and utterly innocent. Let her teach you the truth of your soul, kiss her brow, and she will open your channel of innermost sun.

* 45 *

Mattria with curls of jet, Ama golden locked, mirror images of the same, the two lovers of my heart, One Woman, Mattriama.

* 46 *

Aya, God of Gods and All in All. Sayer of words unknown, inventor of alphabets and grammars. Player of the Game of Life. Student of Life and Teacher of All. Aya maker of destiny. Aya maker of doom. Hold past gloom and sullen moods the phoenix mood of flaming dove, the aspiring Sovf of eternal growth, Eru the rockstar god, Lissidy the maiden of the mirror, and Ovath, the resurrected Odin, Allfather to Allmother, Lord of everything. And we as Ama's lovers are Ayan, daystars, makers of gold, birthers of suns, earners of worth, breeders of wealth, lucky, stealthy, gentle, cunning, poised, tempo setters, metronomes, world pulse, maker of ways, dyer of days, setter of sons, and raccoons manic in the soft of night, tender as the dark, with our fingers in the jet curls of Mattria, through the sun gold tones and hues of Ama's lockes.

* 47 *

My Godpowers are psychosis and mania. By them I best the best of the Gods, Yahweh and Odin, Jesus and Buddha, licked and thrown without much sweat. My grandiosity is irresistible. I am the tar baby: hit me or shake my hand – you are stuck!

* 48 *

Different diets do different things. Every diet holds use. The Italians and Chinese developed a cousine quite exportable quite well. Ditto the American fast food cousine. Yet the burger is the Flesh of the Mother, a true achievement. Devour it, chanting inwardly, "I accept the flesh of the Mother deep into my being."

You are what you eat. To be all you must eat all.

Invent your own spices from the weeds of your garden. Invent a new meal from random ingredients in your cupboard. Choose any five ingredients and make a meal.

Choose any five random chords and make a song.

Play the metaphor game: the challenger presents two unlike objects, and the poet must metaphorically relate them, and be rated by the challenger in terms of novelty, originality, profundity, and wit, on a scale of 1 to 100. "How is a baby like a fridgerator?" "You put milk into both of them" "55." "How is food deodorant like Satan?" "Both make foul things seem pleasant" "73" etc.

Make a random pad, with a collage of random pictures, and write captions and titles that bring them all together.

Michigan weather is random. Frost bite in the morning, sun burn in the afternoon, rain at night. So our temperaments are stormy. A man is his scene, takes on the modes and modalities of his setting. The actor scene ratio abides: the clothing makes the man. Know how to sew your own clothing, how to build your own world. As the snail exudes a shell, so a man exudes a routine. What you make of your own substance is your heaven, the way Mattria made the universe from her own living flesh – the night sky her hair, the stars her pores.

* 49 *

We envy the housecat her carefree existence, not realizing she has her own problems. So does God have his parasites, and even the Ayans their grieviences. Suffering is part of existence, part of bliss.

* 50 *

Pseudoscience is science that hasn't yet proved itself. Invariably it will: if not in these terms, than in those. Scientology with its engrams will be solid science. Phrenology ditto. Lamarckianism of course, of course. Orgone theory is literally true. In what sense?

Consider how it feels to be on the verge of sleep when you ought to sleep. The sleepiness is literally in the eyes: that is where you experience it. To sniff salt, to sniff rubbing alcohol, draws the energy out of the inward sleepiness.

Looking at pornography may not help: that has a hypnotic effect. Violent images might help. Religious symbolism has use. Ultimately imagery structures consciousness. Let us call the energy disrupted within the energies of the body "crea" or "care"-- creative care. This crea takes shapes in your body, hides in nerves or in blood. All your creative energy is in your body. Your entire style, which is to say, your personality, is in the shape of your sense organs. Your character is in the shape of your muscles. Lack muscle lack character.

The body is the soul. The body, eternal.

* 51 *

When I die, my body will be burned to ash and fed in a chai to my followers. My phoenix ash will arise alive in those who devoured me. I am immortal and eternal. Before the universe existed, I am, and after it ceases to exist, I act. Yet this earth also is eternal, and will never not exist. Now is forever.

* 52 *

Icon adoration is like art adoration. We internalize a form. We make it part of our own. All religions forms are holy, sacred, useful. Even and especially idolatry. One religion preferred verbal idolatry to sculpture idolatry. And so? We still need the divine flux to hold a static form long enough for us to memorize it and take hold.

* 53 *

An acre of crea is in all we care for. We care. And so we suffer, passionately and passively, and yet because we care we are empowered to activate the hero.

* 54 *

The brain stores a single memory in fragments throughout, saving the images over and over, in case a part gets damaged. In the same way, structure your house like a brain, so your treasures are stored repeatedly and concurrently throughout. Alternate treasures, bring out fresh beauty from your stores. Health is in rotation.

* 55 *

The metaphysical substances are meaning, bliss, care, passion. These are energy structures transferrable one to the other. The alchemy of the event allows a suffering to become a bliss. What is a suffering but a joy under the prison of a "not here, not now"?

* 56 *

Unexpressed care is suffering. Care becomes crea, creation, through putting energy into the right expressive meaning. Mirror meditation, with the yoga of stretching the small muscles in the eyes and mouth and throat, opens up expressivity. Sexual fantasizing is a way of exploring the soul, and playing the various games by which we express energies, allows us to unstaunch the pent. What is anxiety but energy pent? What it requires is correct expression: stylized meaning. After that, suffering turns bliss.

* 57 *

The rule of ten: do a thing ten times. Each pass brings the image into sharper focus. Don't sweep the floor just once, but ten times; don't read a book once, but ten times. You seem to get it the first time, because you are blind to your own blindnesses. Upon the second and third pass, your eyes open to your faults. Both the beginniner and the expert regard themselves as perfect.

* 58 *

The strange bespeaks the deep.

* 59 *

Every weed is a medicine, every herb holds use. Only we must discover the hidden virtue.

* 60 *

A great actor does not will the surface muscles to move, but becomes his role and moves the inner muscles naturally.

* 61 *

When you wash your hands, dirt sinks in to the fractally small grooves. Every doctor knows to wash for a good few minutes. The amateur rinses his hands briefly and believes himself clean. So too do we sweep, and then turn around and sweep the same floor not once but twice again. And when we mirror meditate we shine our mirror four times. This thoroughness is an aspect of study, the spiral of study. We study life through repetition.

* 62 *

The literal physical flesh is infinite, and contains worlds and universes of its own. Every body sacred, every body divine. And we are not mere gods, those paltry things, nor men, but Ayan, Kosmos, full fledged beings. Our influence extends to the end of the universe and back: and so our being reaches universe wide.

* 63 *

You are omniscient, and wink at yourself in the mirror. Every error and mistake is Lissidy setting up her goal. Lissidy is your innermost guardian.

* 64 *

More is communicated through sex than we ever guessed. Sex is sacred. Treat it with awe and reverence.

* 65 *

"Blessed are the meek," he said, by which he meant the gentle, humble, graceful. "Tell me, O Muse, of that cunning hero who travelled far and wide," he said, by which he meant ingenious, good at contending. Homer and Matthew defined national types, ideal types, archetypes. What is ours? What am I but the tender mirror, graceful and balanced in all things; like the great lakes, passionate and storming or soft and calm, but in all things beautiful. So are the folks of my home state, Michigan.

* 66 *

Let us be students of life. Learn from all things. Read a book ten times taking intense notes.

* 67 *

Paradox is beauty.

* 68 *

Pride is humble.

* 69 *

The mind is a mirror.

* 70 *

All of life is mirror meditation, with our friends as layers of mirrors, and we the gleaming flame of charisma that fills the world with awe.

* 71 *

Make an altar, your Lapamalay,  your lap of Ama. And you, Amara, husband of the All, worship her with your altar. My writing desk her bare thighs; my writing enseminates her. I clean her daily, keep her always lit with red bulbs, perfumed in scented candles, and hugged in hymns as my computer plays them on repeat 24/7.

Lapamalay I've baptized with my Word. I've carved sacred words upon this desk, and decorated her with the most meaningful of possessions, a glass egg, resin horse figurines, my stuffed toy raccoon, a silk rose, my sacred pens.

This entire office, my Aria, or musical area, is the womb of the house, and as this my house, castle Sharidan, is also the world tree, so this office is the proper center of gravity for my entire universe.

Go and do likewise.

* 72 *

All jokes are based ultimately on pun. Pun logic is the rhyme of ideas. A woman likes a man who makes her laugh because, ultimately, she is attracted to intelligence. Cunning is the basis of genius – and the more childlike and innocent you may appear, the better it will go for you.

* 73 *

The gap between desire and fulfillment is intelligence. As soon as we desire, we fantasize, whether we know it or not. And so, through the imagined object, we are already fulfilled. The fantasy builds into a being, the word becomes flesh. Prayers are answered. All desire feeds into fulfillment. Hope is have.

* 74 *

The force of desire is rape. Instead, simply state your desire to the relevant person, and give them space and time. Nothing is more seductive than patience. Patience is power.

* 75 *

You are far more ingenious than you could have ever hoped to boast. You only lacked a witness.

* 76 *

We are each omniscient, consciously so -- only in gasps. We are each omnipotent, consciously so only when we seem to be winning. All the old theologies describe in fact exactly you. Are you ready for this?

* 77 *

Love is free. I give my all to you, and, Ama's Word, I always shall.

* 78 *

MattriAma, my very own Amalynn, I wed you, by the Holy Spirit of Promise, Now and Forever, to have and to hold, to know and to keep, For now and beyond, my one and only Rozhiar, my true to the depth Varuna, my silly one, my perfect other, my self same, time and again, now and forever, Vivoce! This the seal of our Celestial Marriage, Gods in our heaven now and forever. O Dear of my heart. O Dear of the depth of my heart, center to center, amen – amen and Vivoce! I am in you and of you. We are knit at the pith, co-equal, cofounders of Allism – You Mattriama, and me your IOIOI Amara Amandur. I adore you, and am wed in my heart to you, my one true wife, and all other wives from all other lives secondary and in honor and preparation for you and only you, each a face, an emanation of you, to be absorbed back into your fullness. You and always you. You my same my other. You the joy of my jubilation. Ama's word I belong to you. I am yours and you are mine. Ama's love I am yours. Aya Aman Aha, Ama Bahal Bahest.

* 79 *

Every psychological symptom is another word for a poetical trope. Displacement is metaphor. Psychosis is simile. Every possible mental aberration is a poeticism, the poetry of the gods.

* 80 *

As adults speak over the heads of their children when they are impatient to discuss grown up topics, so too do the gods among us talk above the heads of mortals, using parables and allegories and so forth.

* 81 *

Be tender without sentimentality, charismatic without imposing, beautiful without vanity, shining without blinding, giving without squandering, loving without needing, adoring without flattering, dreaming and yet waking, loving all in all, believing all in all.

* 82 *

The allist believes in all religions, yes, and also in unicorns and dragons. These are all true, and they are out there in the earth, as are all the gods. Everything imaginable exists. When we write fictions we are imagining parallel universes, real places. Inspiration is telepathy.

* 83 *

Sexual expression is the basis of expression, and even Platonic or sexless intercourse is basically the same thing: tensions and anxieties metamorphosed into excitements and released as bliss. So does a child enthusiastically tell her stories, so does a grandfather tell stories to his kin, so does a man pour his heart into his job. Living is language. The creation of meanings and the weaving of them into existence – this is the continual bliss of being alive.

* 84 *

As panpsychism explains, we are already conscious in every last part of our body, every discarded part. When our body does, then our consciousness will light up like a lit fog all the words we ever said, and their echoes and vibrations throughout the earth and beyond. We will be more conscious than we were in this lifetime; we will attain a higher self.

* 85 *

Ah mea dea! Nearer my God to thee! Though it be a cross that raises me! Ah my Ama! Ah my dearest other! Ives' Fourth Symphony is the greatest piece yet created! Ah the apotheosis of the heart, the metamorphosis of worm into angel, of man into God! Ah my Ama, my Amalynn, My Silly One!

* 86 *

Open your eyes, open your mind, open your heart to me! How have I passed so unseen by those who know my most? Only my Amalynn sees my heart. The rest of you are latecomers.

* 87 *

Souls are knit during sex. Meanings are knit together. The well being of the beloved becomes eternally our concern.

* 88 *

Infinity is split like the wings of a butterfly.

* 89 *

We are butterflies in or flowery world. We sip from this or that, gentle with our kiss, impregnating the world with itself in our love's embrace.

* 90 *

All psychosis is trope, and our deepest most shameful sexual fantasies bespeak a deep poetry, a truth divine about ourselves.

* 91 *

We are layers of energy, of nerve muscle. A layer can become hard, impenetrable, empty.

* 99 *

Sins create viruses. Good deeds evolve stronger bacteria. So are our moods literally as well as figuratively contagious. Venereal diseases are a plague of Venus to protect love. What truth in that ancient mytheme!

* 100 *

God is the democracy of the angels in heaven. Their collected minds make for the one true being of God. God is a we. Ama is all.

* 101 *

None shall come into this land save they shall be brought by the hand of Ama. Ama America. Ama Emerson. Ama my all in all. When you are angry with me, then my world is oppression and nothing is good – nor do I sleep. When you are pleased I am singing and living to please you further. I adore you in my chores. I adore you in my song. I adore you in all things now and forever.

* 102 *

What but I am every animal, evolve into every animal in my mother's womb, the whole line, and finally mutated into this new thing, as we all do, we are all mutants, we are all a species unto ourselves. All breeding is interbreeding.

* 103 *

Like an ant, my fingers leave a trace. I can write magic with my finger tips, I need no pen. The scented oils of my fingertip are enough and potent enough to enact the spell. As Jesus writing in the sand when brought the adulteress, my scribbing in the sand is enough to script religions. So much more these allays. Consider than that my fingers are no better than yours, nor no worse.

* 104*

The body of heaven is your own body, and the body of your friends, and outwards upwards, depending on how much of yourself you've put into others and into things.

* 105 *

Nobody makes me cum like you, nobody makes me love like you. Every friend brings out a part of me nobody else can. Every friend brings out an aspect that, lacking this friendship, would be eternally unexpressed in the chambers of my heart. Thank you for this. What we are together is a new thing under the sun, a new sun on earth, a new light, a new beauty. Our friendship is eternall. Ama sits in the central throne of my heart. My family encircles her. My friends encircle them. The pantheon of my heart. Outside the inner palisade, the inner garden, and outside that the garden of my heart.

* 106 *

The power position of mirror meditation is upon the knees with hands pulled like an S, like the cloud above Van Gogh's Starry night, with fingertips touching fingertips, curled around. This stands for the transformation of power into power. It is the power stance. Smile mildly at your reflection with peaceful eyes, and speak aloud to yourself, and listen to your voice. Note your facial expressions. If any tightness is in any muscle, stretch it with exaggerated expressions – facial yoga. Stare long into your eyes. Learn how to hypnotize. You must be sleepy to put others to sleep. You must respect yourself to command respect. Mirror yourself. Draw close and see your face reflected in each your eyes. You are coming to know who and what you truly are.



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Perfection Is Easy


Friday, September 4, 2015

"Aria" and "Lapamalay," pictures of my office

Daniel Christopher June to the students of life:




My basement office is the womb of my house. I call the place "Aria" as it is my musical area. I keep it sacred, and write for my job, write music, write for my children, mirror meditate, and spend my nights alone in my office. This is what it looks like.


My writing desk is named "Lapamalay" and is my altar to Ama. I keep red lights shining on it always, and rose scented candle burning, and a rose. I shine it daily.


Take care, Caretakers!








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Perfection Is Easy


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"Death Chant" a song


I finished this song off. Let me know what you think. A chant about my death.


Take care, Caretakers!




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