Tuesday, September 25, 2018

allays 1038 - 1042

Daniel Christopher June to the Students of Life –



Well the kids are back in school, and my last job hasn't paid me, so I'm looking for work. Not much more going on than that. I've spent more time reading than writing lately – gestating on the next big thing.


Take care, Caretakers!



* 1038 *

Ama faces me as the sun, spilling her blonde tresses upon me. I the fatherless, I the self-begotten! Take your stand, my love; stand forth and stand out. Love your children and take pride in your work. Time to grow.


As within the inner of the sun where I see the glyph of her soul, so Niviana, once in a while you cease your pranks and all that nonsense you insist is truth and dare the naked inflections. Those words imprint upon me. I can seldom get this tender touch, but I hold forever thereto when I do.


Great works of art, like human souls, spiral down in layers upon layers. The child gains grace from her level of the story, the adult from hers. An inspired work is infinite, offers reward for whomever studies, no matter what their capacity. So I read your face again and again, catching divergent glints each time.


* 1039 *

There are two who may do bad alone, but because they have each other are ashamed and become good. There are two who lack courage to do bad alone, but because of each other, both transgress. "They bring out the best in each other, they bring out the worst in each other." Such a peculiar alchemy is love – who can predict what could come of it?


* 1040 *

I chase the will-o-wisps from book to book, through read and reread tomes to volumes I never touched, following a phrase, following a whim through her echoes, seeking finally that absolute blessing: inspiration.


* 1041 *

We stagnate in writer's block till we can translate our personal problems into artistic problems. What we solve symbolically heals us, and if the reader can relate our art to his own personal problems – consciously or unconsciously – we will have communicated. So much work is required to find analogs and codes to reframe idiosyncratic obsessions and personal injuries as a universal vocabulary.

Every language is good at processing some other language. Irreverence and blasphemy jolt piety and devotion. Youth culture insulates its growing gnosis through a jargon confusing to adults. In this way, every layer of language hides its prizes from the prying eyes of the world, and yet addresses some other language, processes it, embarrasses it, exposes its hypocrisies and self-deceptions. And as each personality is a language, a system of languages, we each ultimately speak an idiolect, and a different one for each audience who joins us. Lux Sophia, Language herself, grows out of a medium, the way the Socratic Dialect grew out of Sophistry – is impossible without it. And Jesus' criticism of religion (Judaism) in favor of spirituality (a relationship with God) quickly got encoded so the church would perpetually recreate the hapless parodied Pharisees – such that Christians regard themselves as the only true virtuous in all the world, and everybody else as pitiable sinners.

And so we encode the language that summoned us. As our individual Selves are the energy of our parents' shared orgasms – the tone of the whole primordial scene — so are we at our best self-identity in the bliss of overcoming.


* 1042 *

Meanings crystallize into assumptions -- ideas, more or less formed. Those ideas that resonate with our culture bolster their tense and grow stout and formidable. The ideas of the ancients persist, though the meanings we put into the crystalline forms differ. Differentiated crea, or meaning, moves us in different directions, as one may express anger or fear or love through the very same idea of justice. As a sort of crystalline conduit, like the cell of a bone, these ideas add their vitality to form full constructs – bones – which support our habits and routines. A motive is an idea plus a desire, and the habitual desires we are likely to form depend on the inflected and differentiated energy with put into them. What we need from the world determines what we seek therefrom.

The necessary plateaus in life, when growth wanes and we stay our way on a long flat haul, might discourage us – too boring for comfort – yet in such moments we build our frustration as a differentiated fluid, a fuel set when ready to inspire us to aspire towards a higher goal. Even the doldrums do their work. So keep your course despite the dull – you are growing in dimensions you will one day appreciate.


-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy




Tuesday, September 11, 2018

allays 1032 - 1037


* 1032 *

The allays make a fractured mirror by which you may see deep inside yourself. So many slivers and facets to catch by surprise some inner glint of light. You may well mutter, "yes…no…maybe….I doubt it," yet all such talk comes to nothing. I give you the directions to the innermost, the centermost sun, and to the All, Mattriama. Unless you experience these things for yourself, you have not read me.


* 1033 *

Inspiration is the better-than-sex perfection of incadenscent exuberance. Ama the Muse, inspirer of all books, return again to me! I go into withdrawals when you are gone.


* 1034 *

Like the squirrel, we hide our hopeful nut, only to return one day, baffled by the oak. We hide our hopes in mythic space, the way the persecuted Christians represented by the author of Revelation imagined a major come-uppance when God would destroy their persecutors – and all the world, horribly – and would glorify them in heaven. So we all ferret our gold in some privy place, and speak of it only by innuendo. I have never met a man who admitted he looked forward to the "bosom of Abraham," but I think often enough of the bosom of Ama, and sober myself upon our trustful tryst point – the cosmic marriage.

Those audacious criminals returning to the hell of Mattria's womb for a recast will be better for the second baptism. Others prefer the annihilation of melting back into nature, the turn of her breath – and this is a cool lasting bliss. Progress is certain, if not automatic.


* 1035 *

How much do we owe to the ancient Greeks, and in particular to their mangod Socrates? The world's greatest succession of masters to disciples moves from Socrates to Plato to Aristotle to Alexander the Great. To them we owe the college, the academy, the university, the gymnasium – and indeed the Torah study, as the Jews, in their transition from a temple cult to a Torah cult, explicitly emulated the Platonic school. Theology, science, the Olympics, literary criticism, theatre, drama, comedy – all Greek, and so much sourced in the ultimate epic writer, Homer, and in the creation of the Western Dialogue as a whole, from Plato and his Socrates. The West owes more to these figures than to any others.


* 1036 *

Few children have suffered as much as they have in the imagination of their parents. Poor wretches, they imagine in advance every possible bludgeoning, car accident, dog mauling, and kidnapping, and this so they can prevent all that. I wonder if the dystopian novels inoculate us in the same manner? There is something terrible in the mien of a leader, who accepts such dangers – and for a long time I wondered why Ruggles' "Sun-treader," this Hyperborean of the sun, struck such a militant and fierce tone. I know all too well that a complete vision includes the possibility of failure.

So we need both, dread and hope, as a full anticipation. That makes for strategy. Imagining easy victory and nothing but – I don't care what the "law of attraction" claims, it ain't gonna happen. If imagining victory were enough, pent teens would be less lonely. We must view a matter from every angle.


* 1037 *

The dimensions of female allure hang on the coordinates of sexiness and cuteness, an embodiment of Blake's innocence and experience. As women grow, they remain more childlike in appearance; as men grow they remain more childlike in temperament. Having somewhat mastered both, in the brilliant alchemy that mingles oppositions, sexiness and cuteness cast the meddling spell that lead Confucius to despair, "the world prefers beauty to virtue!"

Women aren't the only ones with charms and spells. The advertisers are the ultimate seducers. They've studied us severely, and found the two words buyers never tire of: "New," and "Free." We seldom buy a product without getting "20 percent free," and every formula is "New and improved." They anticipate us at every turn.

The religions also know our number. "Death," and "Blessings," get us – fear of death, and specifically, what lies beyond it, and the idea we might be blessed or rewarded were we to obey and practice. All the world religions offer variations on these two dimensions.



-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy




Wednesday, September 5, 2018

update, allays 1024-1031

Daniel Christopher June to the Students of Life:


So lately all I've been able to write is a few allays at a time. Now that I've taken up the postprandial habit of going for a 45 minute hike, I have found inspiration to pick up the Emilegends, which I hope to work out in my mind over the next few weeks.

I have finally received some pay for my freelance work (my boss has been grossly belated in getting me my pay), and meanwhile I am looking for another job or jobs.

Other than that each day is Everyday.

Take Care, Caretakers!



* 1025 *

Every name entitles a person, summons to the periphery of consciousness a host of adjectives and modifiers, and about these, summary images which condense scenes and actions we consider definitive to that person's being. His being is in his becoming. Such power of peripety we have that even fatal actions reverse themselves if we know the call; we can convert the constellations.

These clusters of equations define like an arpeggio the eternal chord of their living Name, which haunts us long after they die, as the summation of their change in our world.


That set of hidden modifiers that hovers about each name acts as overtones, as every instrument has an infinite set, so that the way the name shapes in our mouth when we say it teaches us how to speak sentences about it. We taste its way, just as we intuitively know which dish goes with which.


Whenever we address a topic, the brain summons its location amidst the associations, so when we speak of a person, parts of our brain reexperience the full clusters, and consciously we can only speak in a limited set of ways allowed by that subcutical set of experiences. We feel to say this or that, and were we to deceive, the body yet tells.


* 1024 *

How to charge a word? Like the phallus of man -- his "Godcock" as the Dionysians taught us to respect the sacred organ -- gets charged and supercharged through flirts and frustrations, till finally it discharges in a glorious come-uppance, so our vocabulary too can be charged, invested with valence, to do work and seek time. The simple science of operant conditioning, of rewards or punishments associated with a word, charges that word with meaning, and though this is not how mankind learns language, yet there is something to it, that positive reinforcement charges and supercharges a word.

Or make a word taboo – it instantly trebles in interest. We are all taboo-breakers at heart, being, in our centermost, independent, so when we place a solid and menacing NO over a word, the lust for expression charges it, and it sulks and skulks in our unconscious, awaiting its emergency.

God-terms are often taboo, as most people don't speak openly of money matters, or admit – unless they are advertising – their relationship with the divine. Airing your dirty laundry publicly is also bad taste, and so certain topics gain valence through suppression, like a geyser stopped, waiting for a full ejaculation. What matters is, knowing this, feeling this, we can strategize it as well, and build our valance over our trigger terms.


* 1026 *

Sometimes when I mis-hear a song, as from a distance, or amidst distracting noise, I barely hear the lilt that could be -- which makes my soul tremble, as though it were the melody that brought my Self to this body, some possibility of absolute bliss as I've had in dreams, and for handspans in waking life. Were I able to hold those musical epiphanies long enough to memorize them and write them down, I would be the consummate musician. As it is, they are little tells of our heaven together. Hidden modifiers color every name.


* 1027 *

Of the super-personalities of history – Socrates, Siddhartha, Confucius, and Jesus – Siddhartha warned the most against metaphysical pursuits, yet dabbled in it more than Confucius, who managed his greatness without supernatural claims. Buddhism works better as a practice than a belief, and for Confucianism, learning matters for practice. Of all three, Siddhartha emptied himself of personality; as befits the Nirvana seeker, his lack of personality is his practice. Like King Arthur and Robin Hood, the figures – of whom we have zero historical certainty, only a resounding historical effect – inspire endless meditation and recurrent speculation. What makes for such a super-personality – a Hamlet, a Quixote? Perhaps it is the method of their madness – by which I mean their unique mode of experiencing the world – that manages to infect the rest of us who care to study. A character is a center of consciousness, and exists in eternity, though we meet him in time.


* 1028 *

Success is the last step of many failures. What matters is if you persist even if it is reasonable to quit.


* 1029 *

I have my Everyday, and each day amounts to Everyday, except for holidays / vacations and events. A holiday or a vacation does not change the Everday, but reinforces it; the event, however, changes the calculus of the Everday, adding new coordinates. And so we have the same old fights we always do, with variations along the way, to add interest, spice, but with nothing really changing; we have our pleasures, our ups and downs, which all compensate, we have our stirs and our whorls. For every unbalance along the way – a cold, a flat tire, any sort of incident – we compensate with our modes of processing till the Everyday returns, by and by, perhaps stronger. Events come as traumas or perhaps hidden suspicions and doubts that grow to such a size that the system can no longer manage them. Some events are irrational, or completely nonrational until we impose a rationale upon them in retrospect – which we invariably do. So which is the event: the irrationality or the interpretation or the acceptance of one interpretation among many?


* 1030 *

Many things have been established as Holy. Certain books have been called Holy (the Bible, the Quran, the Upanishads), certain cities have been declared Holy (Jerusalem, Rome, Mecca, Salt Lake City), certain locations (the Ganges), certain persons (Odin, Zeus) – but has a movie ever been in itself Holy? Certainly, there have been Jewish movies, Christian movies, Hindu movies – religious tales, iconography, and imagery permeate secular and pious cinema. But why is there no film object corresponding to the Quran? Or what else out there could yet be Holy?


* 1031 *

I suppose even grey beef could be redeemed with the right savior, the savory goodness of the right Sauce – for Sauce is all. You are the sauce of the All, so whet yourself with the spices of life, the zest of every text and tradition, every art form and felt-to-the-flesh intimate experience, alluring with allusions and aloof with suggestibility. So many dimensions of flavor you offer, part of you raw, part of you burnt, with the bite of chili powder, or the burn of curry, the zip of cinnamon, so much like the all-mead, chai, spiced milk, which we drink in Joiner to consummate our love with the Allmother. Be Ye Sauce! Ah, the allsauce, a hybrid of various recipes, so many spices in one lava, with a secret turn of your own – black cardamom, mace, coriander, parsley, mustard, garlic, ginger, mint, paprika, saffron, garam masala, dill, bay leaf, asafetida, ground fennel seed, cinnamon, cumin, onion. Rhetoric maketh everything fine. I think I could read on any topic at all, any mud dull text at all, so long as the author was genuinely enthusiastic about his subject, and fluent enough in language to express that enthusiasm. Nothing succeeds without enthusiasm. So, my saucy upstarts, save that dish with your savory mischief, the world a meal for the God.



-- R 88s Я --

Perfection Is Easy