Wednesday, August 19, 2009

allowing a sense of Flow in your meditation and daily life

Daydreams, Reveries, Floating, Walking with Mattria


                When you are meeting a new person, whatever idea or image first pops in your head, latch unto it and combine it with the image of him, the sound and meaning of his name, the puns on his name and the way he looks – let your mind go manic with it, and unite it all together into a few staunch symbols. An active mind never forgets. Work your mind as fast as you can, and fast it will always be.

            When you listen to a musical album or a symphony, imagine every image, memory, feeilng, or sense for every musical phrase. Let your imagination dance and paint to it. Listen to the CD through many times, relate the parts together, and structurate the whole so you see how it all fits together.

            In the library, read the author who interests , catch a reference to another book, and then look up that author. Float through the library, gathering up handfuls of books. Read a book here, a chapter there, a page of that guy, take weird cryptic notes, half doodles and figures, half words and quotes, and then go home and integrate all your notes into a staunch few lines. I’ve spent whole semesters at the University college haunting the library from after class till 2 a. m. reading books, building up ideas, contemplating.

            Seances have the right idea, but they are mostly bullshit. To have a sceance of a spirit worth talking to, a great genius, you must immerse yourself in everything he wrote, created, or accomplish. To talk to Plato in his heaven, you must submerge yourself in the flesh of his work. Read everything written of the times, the good and the bad, listen to the music of the era, see the architecture. Only then will his spirit approach you.

            Shuffle your quest?ON deck and seek your answers.

            This will oepn your imagative eye, and may lead you to the ecstatic vision world of FLOW. I have been here many times, seen tangible visions and imagined visions. But the best of all is Flow, where every moment and ever happening, ever phrase, and every accident flows together in a providential inevitability, so that you say “of course” after every chance. To get the images to flow, you must associate and comphrened ever idea, overythign that happens. Flow is to relate all things in your mind into one idea, and all things you do into resonations of one themse, so your work, your desire, your play, your family, all seek one goal together. The mystical joy of it may be sometimes missing, but a good vacation is one your bring back with you forever to your work.

            Walking with Mattria, the universe as a whole, is to internalize AA, Ama, your persona of her, and in front of a mirror after you have talked in circles around your problems, bend your neck back and let her speak through you, with your own mind. If you feel silly because you believe it is no her, do not worry, it matters not if it is her, but make it as if it could be. That is, talk to yourself as by the one who incarnates through you, knows you to be great, approves of all your deepest desires and longings, and expects you to do great things in life. Walking through nature talking with this persona is a wonderful experience.


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