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            The industrial revolution began with a few innovation in textiles. What mattered most in the industrial revolution was not sewing machines, per se, but the idea they presented, the possibility they stood for.

            What is the ecology of culture herself?

            The internet is the next frontier. Americans ever go West, reclaiming more land from the dead, following the sun to his hiding places. If we run out of frontier we invent a new world. We created the internet: an entire new reality.

            We first create SIStem into the world, and later those tools become introjected again as our undermind. Our unconscious was first our tools.

            If I were alone no earth for billions of years, with the gift of eternal liveliness, though with no fellow man, I would eventually achieve everything world history has achieved. The full of history is in the individual man.

            Sophia-logos-Pneuma-Paraclete-Ghost would be the most basic and primordial form of sistem, but sistem is everything created by man, as an interacting totality. In a word, it is all our technology. The words of man, the world of communication, magnetizes our brains to think alike. What we see reins what we think. The thinking creates language, and therefore cannot be determined by it, merley influenced.

            SS The sacred spirit is the essence of our language, but SISt#m is the essence of our physical products.

            Can a computer beat a man at chess? No, of course not. It can’t even think. With the stunts that IBM pulls to raise its stock, with deep blue, the machine is given the most souped out computer chip availab, can calculate 200 million words a minute, and has a database of every significant chess game ever recorded, including, unfairly, every game Karsakov played (while he was not allowed to watch the computer recite games itself). Further, they reprogrammed the computer in th middle of the game because he had outsmarted its programming.

                SIS#em now


            Sistem is the consciousness of our technology through our use of it, and in its own functioning. Today at the hospitol brought a series of systems under my nose. We were seeking speech therapy for my autistic daughter. Aside from the obvious systems in road traffic, car construction, the english language in general, architecture, all those man made things that surrounded us, we were instantly accosted by the receptionist at the entrence, who grilled my wife with questions for about twenty minutes, while I amused my fussy daughter, before Natalie could be assessed for speech therapy. She questioned Sherry about our family physician, the physical and electronic reality of Dr. D’s recommendation, our birthdates, social security numbers, and insurance; also we were required to know our rights and sign signatures before they would see us. Thus we have credentials, universities, governments, citizenship, law, and economics, all acting like a paper barrier, a buffer fluff to stop us, literally, at the gate, and the presence of security camaras and the idea of security guards and policeman are the violent reality if anybody wishes to avoid the rigmorales of the system.

            The insurance system is the most difficult for us, costing me half my paycheck and paying for a fraction of the full cost of services. Yet each other these systems, rigid as a square, are layers of square like a crystal, slowly letting us closer to the inner circle of a living intelligence – perhaps! – of a counselor. The mind of the counselor itself required large sums of money to be paid to complicated university structures, in order to arrange a few microscopin neurons in the counser’s brain: the whole world and moon have been turned to move those few neurons! And this again to move a few neurons in my daughter’s mind – the rest is ten layers of scaffolding.

            The two dominant systems here are the legal system and the economical system, property and propriety. Property is the body, propriety the mind, property the genes, propriety the ideas (or the “memes” though this term only means “ideas.”)

            SIStem is idol is world, the great enemy of the early Christians, which lead to the weakening and dissolving of the one world government Rome. Sistem itself is authority, and benevolent authority is placebo, and can cure a man and make him sane merely by saying, “this is the law, do this and you will live.”

            And so Natalie falls out of the square system of our house, and is made to circulate in the wider community, and the community bound by state, etc.

            The virtues behind it include truth, justice, and productivity, which are embedded in layers of rigid crystalline structure. Ultimately, the life of the system is in our brains, hypnotized and trained from infancy to participate in the larger whole, so that when we revolt and rebel, we do it in such a way that affirms and strengthens the system.




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