Thursday, August 20, 2009

a parable from my essay on magic

            A story will clear the matter. The morning star gave birth to the sun – that star was seen by three wise men, and the sun was a combination of Christ’s into one story. Mary and Mary were the daughter of that star, Mary the mother was not a virgin, but Mary the whore was. This is not perplexing. They are both the same woman in two incarnations, two beings of the same angel – they are both Mara, Satan, and Satan the every virginal lover of God, who builds history so that she will have him in the end.

            The Savoirs of the story are Jesus and his lover Judas, who both end up hung on trees in the end, and that because they betrayed each other, and this for love of each other, with the meddling of the virginal whore Mary Magdelene.

            She indeed was a master of demons, and this alone gave her sanctity. For the spirits at her command were in fact mirrors of desire, so that any man who drew close to her sank in fact deeper into his fantasy space, and so it was said she was a whore, but the man had desecrated himself, and she was ever untouched. This perfect child of reflection walked the streets like a goddess, and nobody could see anything of her except his own inner woman. She was the same Mara who had birthed Jesus, and yet she was seen as double, and she is the magician of our story.

            Jesus died in the garden from heart attack, but was brough to life by the kiss of Magdelene. Upon the cross, he was still glowing with that mirror glow of a man touched by Mara, and so everybody saw the image of a man, and not the resurrected goldling before them. Judas was the middle, and Mary and Jesus on the sides.

            The reason for the misconception is in the magic of Magdelene, who as she approached the garden, turned the disciples minds to sleep, and brought Jesus to his asymptopical death point, and he died at her presence. The mark of Magdelene was the mark of Cain, as she had never left the earth, but that mark had made her the ever present angel, the mark of repression, the mark of projection.

            She is called by two names by John the disintegrator: woman of the sun, and whore of babylon, and she is the same both times. And SIStem is the beastly dragon, SIStem being the mechanisms of culture. She is every virginal, since she loves only Father God, and when she leaps out of hell after the thousand years, she snatches him into her mirror womb, where He is eternally transfixed by his image.


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