Sunday, August 30, 2009

comment on Buddhist Koans


A monk asked Joshu, "Has the dog the Buddha nature?"
Joshu replied, "Mu"

Mumon's Comment:


==Nevermind Mumon’s commentary, its only purpose is to mislead.

==Nor do we care to meet the Buddha, let alone kill him, nor do we care who or what has dog nature. Chao-chou says that the dog has Mu…that is the dog has not-having, Buddha nature. But we don’t care. Do not trust Mumon for anything, he will put gates and barriers all over the little paths for truths. He is the kind who will tell you a joke, but the punchline is always, “and with that So and so was enlightneed.” “A man walks into a bar….his friend ducked….and was enligthened!” Really, you could end any narrative or fraction of narrative, with the words, “if you understand this, you will be enlightened” – go think about it for 20 years in full lotus position, whatever it is, and they are right. Take a few sentences of Lewis Carroll and the same result will greet you.



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