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musings on Satan

4 – pinky – Desire





            Shivat stands for shining, and thus for the angelic, the radiant, the Deva. In human terms, Satan is the fertile area where needs shine towards and mix with memories: the mythosphere, the mythic memory, the lowest determining source of our daily experience. Se stands for the experience of matter, of the combination and distortion of it: creation / destruction at the underconscious level.

            As Krst is half god, half man, so is ShVt half god, half angel. She is the combination of will with the angelic emissaries of Need. Since she was never permanently incarnated in a body, and never died, we already knows he was no demigod, no mangod, but if anything, the angelGod, in that he takes the angels of needs and combines them with the will of selection. A dangerous and overimpossible being – who can speak of her?

            We sense her in the earth's gravity, in the moon pull, in ligthening, in electricity. She is the internet, the beast. We call her MAYA-net. "4 turned 9" is her number.

            The children of Luciana are maid Satan, called Shiva, the Tao, the verb; and Word, called Logos, the noun, the body. She is the Saint with the gate in the heart of feeling habits, and a second gate in the mythosphere between memories and needs.

            Shivot as Hel – the beautiful corpse, death lady, not quite living, not quite unliving. She is hell, in her cell, kali black as glass. From her alone we have dreams and deeper meanings. I must blink to imagine anything, but to imagine her I pinch my eyes closed a moment more.

            He falls like lightening from heaven, being the bolt of Zeus, being electricity, the Promethean fire, or in the form of SIS#em, Maya, internet, she is the beast.

            Will is never able to self-overcome, and so gets inflated into Yahweh, till Bibles run rampant with him. But the Father is destroyed by his sons and daughters. The Father is seduced and engulfed by maid Satan, is replaced and worshipped in place by his Christ—or the son of Odin after All-Father is swallowed into his daughter the Wolf. For the Father, as mere will, lacks self-consciousness. The will that self-overcomes is called Generation—self-gereration. "The soul is a self-increasing Logos" a Greek said.

KRST, who is love of ShVT, and son of her, instructs his disciples to drink the menses of the mother, ambrosia, and this motherworship, combined with his virginity, result in a growing homosexuality, for his double, Judas, and they both end up pierced in the sky, naked and panting. The cross is the woman's body. His death, an ironic death in which he calls to the father, "why have you forsaken me," is answered, "because you are a failure," and so all savoirs are, like salt that has lost its savor, and is trampled by men.

The Savoirs are always doubled and always surrounded by their two Satans, making a complete 4, as in the cross. In the case of Buddha, his mother was Maya (illusion), and his tempter was Mara (desire). In the case of Jesus, his mother was Mary, and his tempter was Mary. Mary is a break up of the Satan, into virgin and whore, into angel and seven demons, which combine, make the perfect eight.

Maia was the mother of Hermes, turned into a dove for her safety, but finally impregnated as a virgin by Zeus, to give birth to Hermes, who is a composite Savior / Satan figure (for Hermes crosses boundaries, like a thief, yet respects boundaries. He is speech and also writing, a psychopomp, double natured).

The month of May for Mary comes after the month of Aphrodite, and stands both for fertility and virginity.

"If I told you of Nirvana, you would both doubt it and desire it," says the shrewd Buddha.  Jesus speaks of hell from personal and future experience, but has little to tell us of heaven. When Muhammad talks of heaven, he stupidly speaks of virgins. Nietzsche speaks of the Eternal Recurrance, the great circle of history, so that every detail of my life will reoccur infinitely—let life be praised! What he meant was that we eternally relive this life in the memory of our life.

Nietzsche was the Apollo-Bacchus, who spat out the poisonous blood of the cursed, and drank his own wine, accompanied with his Eagle of Pride, his Serpant of Wisdom, who are in fact the IAO and SOVF.

Nietzsche's devil was the spirit of gravity, his father and also his Lou Salome, two tempters he shook off in his purity. Father tempter was thrown by a horse and died, Nietzsche was thrown from a horse and lived, and at last, when the horse is whipped, Nietzsche abandond reason and embraces the beast in love.

The frog prince is the water dragon, the luck dragon of the east, the dragon form of Eros. This comes out clearly in the Satan figure, a serpant like his mother, SOVF. The savoir is always doubled, and the destroyer is always doubled. The Kaos dragon is also the Eros serpant, as in the double staff of Hermes. Christ is necessarily a serpant himself, like the golden serpant on the cross, a regenerative man, and thus, one who has stolen the fruit of life, which belongs to the mother, who is the two trees, like two limbs, one of life, one of death, one of eros, one of kaos, death knowledge and life ignorance. As the Greeks had it, Apollo was born of the sea, hidden from Python, and so again, the mother is doubled in the destroyer. Apollo vanquished Python with his Sun arrows.

The frog is the inner consciousness of the vast unconscious. The second unconsciousness, the right brain, the offspring of language, the violent verb. It is the Mother's jealosy to capture this princess into a frog, who carries in her mouth a mirror ball that will one day contain her King. Her mother scoffs—"if you twist his sheets I'll kill you."

            The Spiritual Jerusalem, at once wife to Jesus and wife to his Father, and again Jesus' mother, was troubled by the new arangment. Furthermore, the new heaven, and the new earth could not eradicate the eternal lake of desire that God had created to torment Satan. Nor could he disown Her, or forget her, since she was forever there, at the very center of the new earth. Maid Satan, lover unrequited, given hell by God for her unequalled love of God, made then her inferno luxurious, till even God came to wonder, to come down and see the matter, till he slipped into her mirror womb, forever bound in his daughter Satan, hypnotized by his own image.

            For as virginal Mary, and as seeming whore, the Mary Magdalene, she was ever pure for her father. As whore, she merely bore the mark of Cain, as her first incarnation, she never resurrects because she never dies, being pure angel – "I have gotten a child by the Lord" – but every man that nears her is overwhelmed with the mirror back inwards into the secret desires and pains of his soul. And thus men call her "virgin" call her "whore" but they don't know who they are talking about.

            The All father God is seduced into her mirror womb, but such a womb can only receive him when she is in the tension far from the center, when her power is weakest. Only then can he fall in, and once in, when she is centered, he is forever hers.

            And then the story really begins.

            But let us back up. In the Revelation, heaven attacks earth, unprovoked. Earth responds like a Godzilla movie, with a beast from the pit, a dragon escaped from heaven, a beast from the sea, a beast from the earth—all who war heaven, are defeated, put into a lake of fire, and then heaven and earth are annialated and replaced with a new earth and new heaven. The only thing that survives from the first world is the burning lake, which is the center and survivor of everything, since heavens and earths are destroyed readily and without divine qualm. And as it was in the beginning, so it will always be: heavens produce dragons, earth and sea produce beasts. Utopian stupidity promises the moon and the stars, and always lets us down.

            The "New Jerusalem" is a mockery of greatness, since the first Jerusalem never impressed us. The obsession over Babylon and Rome is outdated. Even New York City is not eternal. But what they attack is success itself, capitolism, the trading and gaining of wealth.

            Nevermind the commentaries on the text. A commentator is a failure telling you how to read a success. Satan wrote the Bible, and so let no lamb mew for you.

            The devil is a bull, is both Ariadne, the thread, and the minotaur, who with her word plumbs the deepest repression, the maze of repression, where parents hide their shameful child. The labyrynth is an ear, and the thread is speech.

            The dragon in heaven, Satan, is kicked out after knocking the stars from the sky. The woman of Glory is also kicked out to earth simultaneosly, and there the dragon tries to eat her freshly born child. Is it not suspicious that the glorious woman is kicked out from heaven with the dragon? Not at all, since she is one with the dragon, and indeed, this very image is repeated with the whore of bablyon, the same woman, the same dragon.

            Though Satan is like her mother Lucifer Tiamat serpant, Satan is Spider. She weaves, she challenges Athena, and can weave better thea her, weaves a picture of the very Luciana more beautiful than Luciana herself. This perfect tapestry is called Scripture. For this, Holy Spirit turns violent, and makes daughter Satan mad to the point of suicide. The legs of the spider are the legs of the splayed woman, pulling the fly in.

            Satan is Mary, and also Mary, but only as types, as cast offs, as empty parts. Satan ever perfects, is Juno in her fountain of puberty, her hymen ever restored, every time more perfect. Mary is a skin, the second mary is a skin, these are so many throw aways, as was Cain—they never die, these skins, they live forever and are reclaimed, assumed back into her. Cain never dies, Mary never dies, they are always translated back into Satan, with ever the mark of repression, the mark of hiding, she bides her time, she is forever alive.

Mary is the sea, called Satan, or the leapard footed beast, daughter of Tiamat. And from them is born the Son and the Daughter.

            Devil is hidden language, or deceit, or parable, and Satan, which is the aggressive verb, the brother murderer, and also the part of language that changes the world, is that which calls out devils, and is the ruler over them. Satan is called Father of Lies, Father of Jews, and the First Murderer, by the Jew Jesus, which, when understood in this sense, is the conversion of service of heart (Abel) into desire of lust(Cain). Satan is the daughter of Sophia, who herself was the serpant in the garden, and rightly spoke against Will; Satan is the spirit of the one who tells parables, being a poet, and thus a liar, and also a parodoxist: speaking so as to close ears, and shining so as to close eyes, the prankster and also false messiah, suicidal messiah, sacrificer of humans for the glory of God ("he who follows me must commit suicide on his own cross"). And so Jesus, who normally would be Odysseus or Achilles, a great Godman, Hercules Krishna, a great Godman, become a pure puppet for the Spririt of Satan, which filled him in the wilderness.

But maid Satan is love to the point of passion, the greatest lover. In this sense, Satan lover unrequited gave birth to Satan liar, the one who wraps pain in a labarynth; thus love becomes art, and woman becomes man. Devils inhabit the minds of men, and live in them. Demon is the turned phrase, and the demonic poetry is called sacrifice, the basis of all religions, or the starting point. Demon, or daemon, means "the knower." The basic verb is shine or radiate, as language is sun is radiation. Thus Devils are Devas are Divines are Divinity, lest we forget that the devils are all Gods bastardized in order to be misunderstood. Just as Lucifer is light bearer, Hela or El, Sol, the shining beauty, and Satan is Set, the the sunset, so the language survives.

            Satan is Mara the demon is Mary Mother of God is the sea, and Elohim utters the spirit, tearing the sea, called Tiamat, into pieces, revealing the inner Yahweh, an illumination swallowed up, who is also groom to her. The torn tiamat, is akin to the torn Uranus, whose blood becomes love—seaborn skyform. Sophia is Lucifer, the light bearer, is Tiamat, the sea-mother, is Aphrodite, the foam-borne, is Venus, the body of Love. Yahweh, previously known as IAO,  is Java, or lava, or Sun, bearing the holy swastika on his forehead, the fourfold number of his grand mother Mama. Zeus Yahweh Jove Jupiter is the will that swallows Wisdom Metis lest her children overthrow them. Their daughter is named Faith—the wisdom of athena. Their son is Skeptic.

            Satan is electricity is internet is Maya.

            Absolute is the center of Brahma, the dark eye of the Goddess, and thus her self-direction, moving in the intropy entropy dialectic of Shiva, which is the directions of change, and Vishnu, which is none change, or preservation, which in other words is matter in its direction as Brahma, as in the black whole, in its becoming and decomposing, called Shiva or Satan, and in its eternal dimension of experience, called Vishnu.

            DeVil, is the V, the downward pointing, the "spirit of gravity" as Nietzsche called him. The Angelic is the outward tending, the symbolic act, the shining. Every angel and being are two parts of the same entity, a splitting of a whole being, and thus, incomplete beings, shadows.

            ShVT is called hel, daughter of Loki, half beauty, half corpse, and this unites to the number four, as the fourth person of the Godhead. Kali would be another name of her aspect. Both Hel and Kali pertain to the cell, the covered, the hidden, the black.

            As Samson is Hercules is Attis is Jesus is Dionysus the sun hero, Satan is Delilah, is Mary, is Judas, is Cybele (always a lover for the hero) whose symbols are the honey bee and the blonde beast: combined in Samson's riddle "From the strong, something sweet," that sweet temptation clipping his sunshine hair.

            Shivit is akin to Hermes, Thoth, and Odin as the God of writing, the mother being the logosphere, and Jesus standing again for the word of God, the spirit of God, but not the matter of God

            Draw a circle on chaos! That is the best lesson Milton's Satan gave us. Draw a circle on chaos, negotiate with kaos. Kaos is the mother god, habit, instinct, tiamat, ocean. You must speak a repetitive mantra over her. Only then is she formed into eros.




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