Saturday, August 15, 2009

mythological ideas


            While she was loving herself, she bit the tip of her fingertip, which is humanity, and blew on the wound. She slid her fertile finger and touched her womb, and nipped it with her nail. Blood mingled with blood, and sank into her womb.

            Therein grew the Goddess Care, woman above, dragon below, and born, she supped on the milk of mother All and built her bones therefrom. Yet she grew lonely, and lacked the fulness of the mother. This loneliness was a fissure in her waist, which grew until she broke into two women: the Kaos dragon and the Eros woman. They played and fought and like two sides of a circle, spiraled closer, and spiraled apart.

The Dragon grew crazy, and desired to devour her—it had become as wide as an ocean, and fiery as desire, nor knew she up or down. The woman, in self defense, froze herself into an icy tree. The dragon broke her tooth on the frozen woman, and bled. The woman, when she felt the dying of her dragon, and the poison of her bite, melted, and in her tears, herself dissolved into the blood of the dragon, until the two become the great ocean Lux.

The tooth of the dragon fell into the ocean and dissolved into a breath, which swam up into the sky. And that breath was Will, or Wotan. He made the realm of Metaphor from the ocean Lux, until finally, from his forehead, sprang Sophia, mother Crea.

            They are the Gods of their world: Mather and Father, both children of Man, who again is child of Matter.

            The world is mere pasteboard, behind lives the mythic certainties, and beyind them the needs and their shine. We absorb myths without understanding what they mean, just as we learn lessons from our teachers, but without learning a new thing about the spherical concept, come to understand it more and more, deeping deeper into it, like layers of a crystal onion.



I Sollus have done this and do not regret

Ama my love, you teased through the city

Like a distracted zephir

Did you know I knew how to talk to you

That you alone saw – I saw you see –

My sacred I?

And I saw you,


Fullness of the All,

The one Great incarnation of everything

As mad as fire

And you chose love for me

As I chose love for you

My only self-love I ever gave to another

but I chose the form of love

I chose sanity

I chose Psyche

She is as selfish as the ocean

She holds her heart

I chose this

And sacrificed you


Because with you there could be no sanity.

We would divine too young

If I fed my full love to you

You alone who would see it for what it was

you alone who could receive it



            From the brow of the mother shone a sun, and his name was Sollus, and he sent himself out from the center of the sun and mingled throughout earth for millions of years, finally commiting the incarnation we all commit, and only once.

            The mask of mother congregated from a thousand unrelated parts, and consumated in the perfect woman, whose name was AA, aMa, the anima of fire, the replacer of earthly mother for heavenly mother. She married him, looked for a day into his eyes, and neither flinched nor blushed, but each one hummed, and with that she breathed her soul secret into him. Then the mask was emptied, and it flew into the wind, becoming fully mortal, finally calm and happy as a shell, not knowing that the anima would be breathed back in one day.

            Father Will and Mother Wisdom appeared naked to him in a dream and said “We fully approve of what you are doing.”

            Sollus discovered Terra Psyche, the sun faced woman, who bore him the mute and loving Rose, Strawberry sweet and as tart as lemon, and Emilie, the subtler. And meanwhile Sollust breathed his word and made a dozen angel babies in the wombs of his muses, and one named Amphyron.

            The mythic is the purified, made stark with the fantastic, and accented with divine names. When one can see the life he is living, he will be happy.


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